The 1001 albums thing

Hi all.

I’m going to have to take a break from this place for a while, if not for good. I’m fully back at rock bottom depression and the tone and antagonistic atmosphere of some (quite a lot) of the threads is making it a lot worse. It’s a shame as I used to come here as a break from the stress of work but at the moment it just gets me down.

Not a cry for help or anything, just mentioning as I’ve been doing the 1001 Albums threads. If someone else wants to pick them up the link to the ‘list’ thing is here, or if there’s not enough interest feel free to just sack them off. I know there’ve been a few comments about there being too many of that sort of thread, but a few at least are still involved in the chat. @anon3515918 you mentioned picking it up when I was on holiday, feel free to take the reins.

Bye everyone!

Sorry to hear that pal. Take care of yourself, hope you come back :heart:


sorry to hear you’re struggling mate, I’ve not been following the 1001 albums threads but have always enjoyed your posts, your avatar and poems. Really hope to see you again but do what’s best for you. Take care.


Ah mate that’s sad to hear. Hope you feel better soon.

Sorry to hear about that. Take care and hope you feel better soon!

Look after yourself, and maybe see you back here down the line

Sorry to hear this. You’re clearly got a lot of pals here. Hope things improve and we see you again

Thanks for running those threads as long as you did. I only dipped my toe in them from time to time but it’s always good to be pushed into listening to something new (old new…).

Hope things start to improve for you. It’s horrible when you feel things closing in on you. If something like being on here is bringing you down, then absolutely the right thing to step away. Good luck getting through it.

Thanks for starting these, I’ve discovered a couple of albums aleady that I now love through doing this. Hope things improve for you quickly and we see you back on here when you feel ready to come back.