⛳ 🏌‍♂️The 150th Open Championship 🏌‍♂️ ⛳

@funkhouser can you get the golf emoji’s in the thread for me please? Still don’t know how to do it.

150 years, wow monumental. What better way to close out major season with some golf at the Old Course at St. Andrews. Haven’t checked weather yet, hope it’s blistering.

Looks like me and @magic808 like Cam Smith. Have a weird feeling Colin Morikawa shows up this week. Going to put a flier bet on Tiger top 20.

Anyone else excited?


How about that?

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I’m all about Marcus Armitage this week

Neil have you ever heard a golfer that sounds like this


No but I love him, might put a fiver on him fuck it.

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Also got…

Tony Finau - starting to get some consistency and also has an excellent record in this event.
Shane Lowry - again, highly consistent recently and got one of the best short games in the world.
Billy Horschel - value play. 150/1! 7 time champion on PGA tour, won Memorial last month and tbh I just generally like the guy

But yeah… it’s Cam innit

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This was great.

Tony :sunglasses:


Love Tony. Also, can not get over how uncanny Sahith Theegala mirrors Finau. Same look, height, mannerisms, walk, power.

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Great price for the gambling folk on Louis Oosthuizen in my humble opinion.

Quite a few folk have a good chance of winning. Lots of top players in great form. Just hope it’s not some uber dull American who wins.
Good to see Patrick reed out with his LIV plastered all over him. Stay classy pat :laughing:

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Cannot look at Nick Dougherty or whatever his name is without thinking of the raging hard-on he had for Rob McIntyre at the Masters a couple of years ago

The guy I play golf with is OBSESSED with Rob McIntyre!

Within 2 mins of us meeting up it’ll be something like “Oh man, McIntyre hit a wonderful shot into the 12th yesterday and had a brilliant long putt at the 17th”.

Me - “That’s good…how’s he getting on overall?”

Friend - “He missed the cut. He was 76th out of 80”.

Me - “Oh right”

Friend - “Yeah, but that shot at 12 was a beauty”

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Fancy big Jon Rahm to do well.

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Got Cam Young to miss the cut. Someone please stop him…

In-laws yearly Now TV subscription ran out yesterday. Devastated :cry: Bring it back to BBC with Ken on the course.


Not from today but…

Not normally bothered by golfing get ups but I’m really not sure what Justin Thomas is thinking with that trousers/boots combination

I was there today! Amazing experience. My first time as a spectator at any golf event. Bloody loved it. Long day and I know my feet are going to ache big time tomorrow! Would definitely go again.


Ah this looks amazing, well jealous!

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