The 16 Most Annoying Things About Music Right Now



A nice mixture of legitmate gripes and the sort of old man mumbling that might be described as “rockist”.

I’m baffled as to why anyone would identify #12 as a problem.


Ha, that number 14 is pretty much on the nose - although I like Joanna Newsom and she’s probably a bit guilty of that.


got as far as the second one. pure mojo mag rockist yelling at clouds mate.


Biggest issue here is the use of “modern”. I mean loudness wars stuff has been around at least 15 years and probably dates to 5 to 10 years earlier.

Singers not singing: Betty Boo’s mime career death must be at least 20 years ago?

And songs playing on the radio til you like them even though they’re shit is surely about as old as popular radio…


Looks like something your dad would cobble together during his lunch break.


Can’t believe I just clicked on a cracked list. Obviously it’s a load of shit


The one about banjos is spot on


Some are fairly spot on, others are whining. Pop stars being sexy is not at all new. Ballad version of old hits is probably not new, but is very obnoxious. Anyone complaining about subgenres is someone’s whose opinion on music I’ll never take seriously.

I’m pretty sure Green Day’s Nimrod had at least one single before Time Of Your Life was released. Who the fuck felt misled by Avril Lavigne?


Really? Cracked can be very very good, sometimes!


Loudness War isn’t even as bad as it was back in the 90s, not even close.


Most are sort of funny and silly, but #1 is a legitimate gripe for me. Exclusives on different platforms is a horrible development.


Indeed peaked ages ago


Okay way too many people defending this list. Like it makes 2 1/2 good points the rest are utter garbage. Like completly senseless and quite uppety and snearing.

A few are okay points but nothing new to the last 20 years at least. Some are just plain wrong and a bit strange. A couple are minor trends that have never bothered me tbh. Some are all three!


Never understood issues some have with sub generes. It’s just an attempt to make discussion more granular and honestly very few of the categories are newly coined. Most have been around for at least 15/20 years.

Only ‘sub generes’ I actively have a problem with is when they use radio advertisement terms as a genere. Adult Contemporary is not a type of music!


I mean normally singles arnt picked on how well they reflect the album but rather on how good they are as a stand alone song. I don’t think anyone felt mislead by either of those two examples, and surely most albums have a good mix of different song structures and formats.

There is also more to a sound then song structure . I mean time of your life still sounds like a greenday song


Quite like the idea of shimmer pop, to be honest.


People are still upset at the concept of going to see a DJ?


No.10 has puzzled me for years, slight annoyance at the extraneous “wa-ah-oh” started off for me with The Libertines era indie. But then, one man’s Wa-oh-oh-oh is another man’s “Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba”, “La-la-la-la” or “Bom-ba-ding”.

As for hearing a song so much that you end up liking it? Why not stop listening to that radio station? In fact, most of these can just be ignored if you don’t feel the need to keep up with pop culture.


Yeah, he’s just checking his emails live onstage!


Apart from the two on streaming, all these seem to be written about pop music in the late 90s?