The 1975 are back!

That’s right, they are back, right back and have brought new music with them. it’s only taken 5 months, but finally 2018 has a band with the pedigree to trouble end of year lists.

The new single is getting a hyped up playing tomorrow on the BBC’s very on flag ship, Radio One. It seems they’ve been teasing about the 1st of June for almost a year and now it’s almost the 1st of June.


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I’m with Sean on this, got a lot of time for these lads.

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likewise. I’ve played their previous records to death a bit though, so really looking forward to some new jams from the lads.

Can we bump this? Only got round to them now, second album has some properly great stuff, but their latest singles have been some of their best stuff yet :slight_smile: can’t really wait until october to get the album, feels odd having a really conventional album release these days!

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quite enjoyd their Brits performance and think they have some good songs

For a Big Indie Band they’re a hell of a lot more interesting than some of their peers doing big festivals.


New track is so good. Got that Blue Nile downtown lights beat going. Love this band despite all the reasons I’m supposed to hate them. They’re my Counting Crows of the 2010s.

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Oh no


Glad to see I’m not alone in enjoying them, and agree with @anon35600300, that the new songs are good. Really like the fuzzed simplicity of the first one and the second is classic 1975.

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It seems unlikely, given their demographics but there i s a slim chance

OK so they seem to have released one of the best songs of their career as the first single off this. LIIWMI is ok but massively improved by a great vocal. The last two singles have been really boring & tiresome, ripping off despacito and J dilla between them. Pretty disappointed, but the album might just be redeemable

not sure about the new one on first listen, but enjoyed the previous one. I’m a bit nervous that they seem to be releasing two quick fire albums this year and next; an idea that normally lacks consistency.

I’m astounded that this band are taken seriously by the readers of this website.

I don’t recognise the comparisons to the likes of Radiohead. They sound like Living In A Box or Curiosity Killed The Cat. Total garbage.


okay I really like the new one

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Hey, remember when they guy from Curiosity Killed The Cat was on First Dates? It was a pretty average episode to be fair, so it might have passed you by.

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I don’t want to hear it all too much before the album’s out and thats still 2 and a half months away, but yeah the new one is cool. I like that each of these songs could easily be different bands and they’re not exactly original but they do it well.

The fact this band remind me of The Blue Nile, Talk Talk, & Scritti Poliiti all at the same time can only be a good thing.

TooTime has really grown on me, I dismissed it when I first heard it but the hooks keeping dragging me back in


I liked Living in a Box.