The 1975 are back!


You’re having a laugh.


I liked Living in a Box.


Oops, it was Red Box I liked.


Presale for January dates has gone up FYI. I got an email from Spotify


yeah, had some tickets in by basket just after 9am, but AXS said there was an error with payment and when i got through the queue again by ten past nine, they’d sold out. I’ll have to try again on Friday, i guess




the fuck? it just happened again. also Seetickets went directly from on sale at 9am to sold out?!


Almost certainly be a Saturday 02 date - don’t stray too far from the computer.


that’s what I’m holding out for. a few bits of pages being monitored at the moment!


sorted for the Saturday


So hyped for tomorrow.


Just listened to this. Someone has bought an Eventide H8000 and some Eurorack modules.

It’s alright it isn’t for me but, you know fair play and I kind of get a bit more why some people like them. Also the best songs on the album all have potentially the worst lines in songs this year “Rest in Peace Lil’ Peep” for a start. eh?


A fair point (see “I found a grey hair in one of my zoots, like context in a modern debate I just took it out” … ugh) but that line is a weird one to pick out as being especially bad. Surely just a commemoration of an artist that died young in difficult circumstances?


Sorry should have stuck the other part of that line in as well cause that doesn’t help it at all. I get your point but, for me it just seems like something to add to a list you know something else to stick in there to date it almost.

Got to be honest I’m thinking about this way too much.


Quite like the lil peep line. Feels like a straightforward and respectful way of addressing the tragic death of this dude who is a massive cultural event for younger people, while a lot of the ‘old guard’ dismissed him (myself included). Still find it weird he was a few months younger than me.

Otherwise I don’t like the instrumental of that track. Feels way inferior to give yourself a try


Perhaps I am too :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


A lot closer than i was expecting. Just had a first listen. Looking forward to hearing it lots more


Got some really really excellent stuff on it. A couple of super derivative bits but when they cover that much ground it’s not a surprise. Love It If We Made It sounds fucking enormous amidst this stuff. His singing on that is brilliant.


Pretty much agree. Not so sure about the standard ballards, but like the production and musicianship on them and his singing makes them good.

I think the comparisons to OK Computer were a bit lazy and based on that one track but it is accomplished like a rafiohead album.


Listened to this after all the good reviews.
It’s fairly bonkers. Is this the whole “post-genre” future that the kids are into now? 80’s MOR/Mumble Rap/borrowing Bon Iver’s mic…

Enjoying it though. Your boy has a way with words - even on the weaker songs I still want to listen to hear the lyrics.

Current clear favourite is “Be my mistake”. Think part of the genius is that there’s this low key acoustic number dropped in the middle of all the big pop songs, but it cuts deep!

Still think the songs are a bit low key to be headlining festivals in 2018 but here we are. Also fair play for the positivity - we could all do with a bit of that these days