The 1975 are back!


After my damming review. I had given it more plays and is growing on me

A few tracks make me cringe but some of it is really great so I’ll be coming back for more

Will probably love all of it in a week.


That Be My Mistake one is a song Ed Sheeran wishes he could write.


I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) is a song I’ll love for the rest of my life I think


The title of that last (?) album was so weirdly creepy I ignored them. I’ll see if this changes my mind.


Not sure it’s for you, they forgot to put electioneering on the album


I feel very personally attacked.


Hey, you’re just a man with tastes is all.


Always interested to see how people get on with them, though. And yeah that album title was pretty creepy


Really satisfying listen front to back, but the singles are the real highlights of it. Probably the best full thing they’ve done


Managed to get in to the Kingston show on Thursday. Their fans are insane. Don’t think anyone in there didn’t know all the words to the new tracks. Love It If We Made It will be stealing next summer. Such a great song, from a very exciting band.


‘Be My Mistake’ is an interesting bit of, er, groupie shaming. Half his “romantic” lyrics give me the creeps.

Also nice to hear he loves Gruff Rhys as much as Bon Iver and The Blue Nile… :confused:


TOOTIMETOOTIME TOOTIME is a crock of shit though, right? Really bummed its so early in the tracklisting because can imagine a lot of people bouncing right out at that point.


Of the five released:

Love it if…
It’s not living…
Give yourself a try
Sincerity is scary.

For me, Clive. Haven’t given the album a proper spin yet.


Scouting for girls shite.


Solid pop banger


Listen to a scouting for girls album then any of theirs and you’d be lying if you thought the 1975 weren’t at least a cool pop band compared to 00s landfill indie


Given it about four full plays now and am really enjoying it. The singles passed me by somewhat during the summer, but within the context of the record they sound great. I just love the amount of craft they put into their albums. Also, side 4 is incredible.


Original, Liam. Come back in a year.


Gosh this album really serves up well to repeated listens. Never been much of a fan but there is so much going on in these songs and these lovely layered and dense sounds around some very strong pop songs. I wish more pop albums were this ambitious.

I totally understand why some people don’t like it, it’s got a lot of tropes that get abused in mainstream music but here I think these ‘tropes’ are used well and they never rely too heavily on one gimmick.


Given it one listen. I feel like it would improve with another listen but not sure it will improve enough that could say I’d like them.

Caveat here is I feel like if I heard OK Computer and The Bends for the first time today I wouldn’t necessarily rate them nearly as highly as I do due to changing tastes. And in fact most of the Britpop era stuff I loved might fall quite flat.

That said…I don’t actually understand why this album has been compared to OKC. They don’t sound really anything like Radiohead. Is it just because of the track in the middle of the album with a computer voice speaking over music? Otherwise saying this is their OK Computer feels like saying OK Computer is Radiohead’s Thriller: yes it’s on a par in terms of band accomplishment but there’s no real connection in terms of composition or theme.

The 1975 don’t sound like a guitar band at all on this album, more like a modern pop band. The comparisons I was reading definitely made me expect more of a “four lads with proper haircuts” sort of affair so it’s nice it’s not that; equally nothing much really hit me, except may the snort of laughter at that line from “Be My Mistake”

The smell of your hair reminds of her feet

I don’t consider that a bad lyric btw, seems pretty genius to me.

I much prefer the first half of the album to the second half. Inside Your Mind onward seemed to be less inventive and also slower and with a mushier sort of production that dragged.

EDIT to say that if I were to compare them they feel like a logical progression from late Coldplay. I feel like this modern sound is what Coldplay wanted to achieve on their later stuff going off the singles although I’ve not listened to a Coldplay album since X&Y.