The 1975 are back!


I loved their last album. It had the right blend of catchy pop chorus’ and synth pop with the genius sounding four tet type stuff. There are probably 3 really hooky singalong tunes. Only one decent four tet type tune. The rest is quite slow and mushy. I’m not a fan of the Siri one either.


Really liking this after first couple of listens, there songs usually grow on me as well.

“I like America” track is standout so far of the songs I hadn’t heard. That and opening track remind me of that Farrah Abraham album


I like the number of styles they manage to cover without any of them sounding especially forced or out of place. That said, I think it would be a pretty amazing EP or mini album, compared to an interesting-but-flawed full length. Something like

Give Yourself a Try
How to Draw
Love it if we Made it
Sincerity is Scary
I Like America

Would be absolutely killer. Haven’t decided how I feel about I Always Wanna Die yet.

Also the OKC comparisons are very odd. If anything it’s closer (but obviously not really) to YHF for me, if you want an accessible but experimental album with electronic flourishes.


Wow, you guys weren’t kidding with the Bon Iver talk, eh? Borderline pastiche at points. Still undecided on whether it’s any good or not, mind.

Not sure how, 10 years later, the whole 808s and Heartbreaks style is still considered cutting edge and a big leap forwards for artists rather than the retro nostalgia that it’s now become? Again, not intrinsically a bad thing, but severely mischaracterised at the moment.

Omg I just got to the Fitter Happier bit :smiley::smiley::smiley:


More reductive


That Ok Computer comment sounds like a solitary piece of soundbite journalism that’s following the release around a bit. He addresses and pretty much dismisses it in the opening of this interview:


:mag: tears for fears

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Heard it on Saturday night. Too many languid ballads and I often find them tamer than they should be but pretty great overall. The best bits sounded like the best possible ending of the biggest-budget blockbuster 80s film. Memorable lyrics too, as though they were a bit “Bloc Party’s second album”, I can tell Matt 100% believes in them.


An outrage! I could waffle on about The Hurting and Songs From the Big Chair for ever. I even like half of The Seeds of Love.


Yeah the Bon Iver style vocals definitely became less edgy after Bono did it on the last U2 album. In fact even Coldplay stopped doing it a few years ago.


They got Siri to sing? Talk about phoning it in.


Like the sound of this - and Matt(y)'s lyrics are at least interesting - but find it just a bit of a chore to get through. I thought the last was already edging away from the correct number of bangers to ballads, so this is really lacking.

OK Computer goes harder tbf!


Oh I mean I certainly didn’t think the band were responsible. In fact I bet it’s irritating to them precisely because of the sort of preconception it gave me of what I’d hear.


Three likes? Fucking travesty. Where’s the POTW nomination thread?


Impeccably produced but feels oddly empty. Will keep listening as the production really is lovely, but I’m struggling with a lot of it.


absolutely agree with this - the hurting especially is a really dark album, not really sure it’s comparable with this shite


I hadn’t really listened to them before so I brought up a few songs: TOOTIME (awful), Give Yourself A Try (enjoyable enough), and thenLove It If We Made It, which made me instantly think of Tears for Fears. Just something about the vocal, the pulsing bass, the keys… it felt like it was a song I knew well from back in those days

Skipping through a T4F best of, though, I can’t hear any songs that actually sound like that, so maybe it was another band.


Songs From The Big Chair is the best reference point.


I just can’t get over how much of a bell Matty Healy seems to be:


Yeah, he sort of tried to apologise but it came out like this.