The 1975 are back!


What the fuck was he thinking. His own lyrics are less than progressive with his female characters/stories involving women. Not great


So much cluelessness in that, talking as if hip hop hasn’t been around since the 70s and that rock is some kind of post-discrimination utopia

It weirds me out to think of their international fan base who don’t immediately think of yer main bloke in terms of the fact that his mam’s off Loose Women and his dad’s off Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Can’t get over that myself. Fair play to him cause I remember hearing Shane Ritchie’s son was in a band and immediately dismissing them on that basis


That actually is the point I stopped listening, but to be honest it wasn’t much worse than what came before; doesn’t really matter what came afterwards, there’s enough there to convince me this is not for the likes of me (I was genuinely interested to listen to it after seeings such positive reviews).


Cor that’s not good is it?


It feels a very weird thing for a man to say who put out an album called “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It” which feels like the most male gaze of statements. <-- I mean the bit about misogyny in Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Obviously the racist stuff is just WTH but also I am less surprised that he’d say that I guess.


Yeah but is that misogyny his or does it belong to the Synonyms function on MS Word that he obviously uses extensively when developing album titles


It’s possible he just kept pressing the middle button on his predictive text…


Pretty sure the title is saying you are beautiful but unaware of your beauty in your sleep…not unaware that I am staring at you.

Think you’re over analyzing everything as usual and seeing the bad in it.

Unless he had previous? Then fair enough. Don’t know anything about the band aside from their music


Fucking hell, honestly had no idea :smiley:

The songs are paper thin and some of the lyrics are cringey but I quite like this album. It’s a bit of fun, reminds me of something I’d of listened to at 17 and would of considered really deep and meaningful.


I’m specifically not analysing it, it’s my gut reaction to reading it.


So after 5-6 listens I’m getting a better feel for this. I think that reviews by the likes of Pitchfork, CoS and NME (of the ones I’ve seen) hailing it as an instant classic are a huge stretch. Ultimately there’s just too much filler on here for it to ever be troubling anyone’s best of year lists, let alone best of decade. They don’t do slow or acoustic tracks well - Be My Mistake, Inside Your Mind, and Mine are all absolute stinkers.

BUT the ambition, diversity yet overall cohesion of the thing should be respected, and when it bangs it really bangs. They might be straight out of the 80s but Love it if We Made It and It’s Not Living are two of the finest pop tracks you’ll hear this year, and there’s plenty else to love here. At the end of the day I’d be very, very surprised if it came to be anything other than an 6-7/10 album in my eyes.

In the interest of fairness it’s worth noting that my brother took me to their Brixton Academy gig ok the first album tour and I loathed them. If somebody at that point had told me that they were capable of writing one of my favourite songs of the year before the end of the decade I’d have poured my drink over them. So fair play to them for getting much, much better in a couple of years, even if they’re not the finished product and their frontman seems like a proper twit


I hated chocloate. We saw them play the introducing stage and maybe onother stage at Reading the year that came out and iblaughed and dragged us away. A year later i heard a single on spotify and played it to my wife who had liked everything she’d heard but been out off by me and asked her who she thought it was and she got there eventually, after which i was well excuted for the second album and have liked them ever since. I agreed avout some of thise off lyrics though. Not sure how much is metaphorically skag, but they aren’t a tidy way of writing things from a man.


This is why i hate writing things on my phone.


One of the most intoxicating and impressive 6/10 albums of recent times. A real paradox of a record.


That is a really good way to describe it in a nice concise manner rather than the meandering full essay I wrote above!


Call me an old sentimentalist but i always liked this picture of them backstage at the Brits last year, they’d just won an award and were watching the George Michael tribute that was happening out front, on a monitor. It struck me as unexpectedly sweet image amidst all the nonsense and adverts for Visa cards.


Yeah I completely skipped the 2nd album, despite hearing some whispers that they’d learnt to write a good pop song, purely because I hated the early stuff so much and couldn’t believe they’d amount to anything. May have to go back and revisit

and I completely sympathise with you about writing posts on this website via smartphone :grimacing:


I try not to, too often, but i was on a train without entrainment.


this a fancy way of saying it wasn’t moving?


Really bad album, this.