The 1975 are back!


Pitchfork’s ‘best song of 2018’
is Love It If We Made It.


‘It’s Not Living…’ HAS to follow ‘The Man Who Married…’ What were they thinking?


… Or Johnny hates Jazz.


woah woah woah (that’s english for stop a horse)

please tell me you are not implying johnny hates jazz are anywhere near as bad as the 1975?


My 1975 take is that the first album was good fun, second had some good tracks but a lot of slow filler. Third cba with


Quickly becoming an Arctic monkeys where the fans seem to think they’re much more important than they actually are which is fucking insufferable


Never listened before. Gave the new album a quick listen. Actually really enjoying it. I like a big, ambitious pop album every now and again.


Well surmised, a big ambitious pop album is exactly what it is. Three weeks in and it’s some of the less showy tracks- Surrounded by Heads and Bodies, Inside Your Mind and How to Draw/Petrichor which are really standing out. Curious to see the extreme reaction their music provokes, however, I bet the band love seeing forums like these filling up with all the praise and bile.


I know mostly every song on the album sounds like something else but It’s Not Living is really killing me right now. The chorus is identical to something but can’t put my finger on it…


I think it sounds like a Belinda Carlisle song. Not exactly sure which one, so i’ll just say it sounds like all Belinda Carlisle songs.


The chorus hook is ‘Heaven Is A Place On Earth’. Rest of the song is a ridiculous facsimile of Neon Neon’s ‘I Told Her On Alderaan’. Like, Gruff Rhys deserves a cheque.


Anyone seen them on this tour? Fucking brilliant last night, they gave absolutely everything and the crowd were feverish from the front to the gods, completely drowned them out for half the show! Every bit as good as the arcade fire last year - I love seeing a band get a big show right. The set was absolutely eye popping as well.


Yep, going tonight. Really looking forward to it, of course. Glad you enjoyed last night.


Their fans are mental, it’s brilliant and I am massively jealous!


Yeah. Apart from seeing them at Reading a few times, I’ve only ever been to a gig of theirs in Prague, so am yet to experience their UK fans in full fury. I think i’ll enjoy the fans.


I was there too- utterly brilliant.


Saw them in Belfast. Proper eye popping set and all. Bit of a lul in the set list when they did loads of ballads but sure gave me time to piss.

Liked how they played loads of fan favourites. The encore was fucking banging too, ‘the sound’ in particular

Oh, and their drummer is stellar


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