The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread

Hello, friends. Let’s have a new film thread eh?

What did you see over the festive period? Owt good?

I saw the following things:

Why Him? Two genuine laughs and about four smirks, this is not a good film though. Megan Mullally as the mum was the best thing about it, she has very good comic timing IMO.

A Monster Calls This made me grizzle like a little stupid baby. A few moments of ropey dialogue aside I loved this though, one of the best performances from a kid I can remember in years and he had a lot of heavy lifting to do. Deals with really complicated questions about grief without sugar coating any of it and some of the allegorical CGI bits were visually incredible. Really recommend this, I was dubious going in but it was wonderful.

Silence Heavy going and I wish it had ended about 15 minutes earlier than it did but I thought this was excellent. Scorcese obsessing over faith and trials and stubborn toxic masculinity and temptation in a very this-is-a-serious-film kind of a way. Visually stunning and every scene was compelling despite the running time. Was impressed by Garfield when he was bouncing off others, less so when he was on his own but Yōsuke Kubozuka, Shinya Tsukamoto and Issey Ogata were absolutely brilliant, particularly Kubozuka as Kichijiro who I kind of wish the film had been chiefly about.

This month should be a good one, I’m looking forward to seeing Silence, Jackie, and Moonlight.

I mentioned it in the other thread but I recently saw Tickled and I’ll just say again, that film is one wild ride.

Not new or original but I watched Terminator on New Year’s Day. Still holds up, it’s such a good film.

The thing that did stand out though is how much better Terminator 2 is.

Ant is this the Films We Saw in 2017 thread?

It’s kind of like that but it’s also for DiScussion of those films as opposed to just lists innit.

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i watched Prometheus again. feel like there’s the seed of a decent film in there somewhere, been attempting to mangle it into one in my head, which is probably more than it deserves.

Oh excellent. This year I endeavour to watch more than last year (76) and I gotta say I’m off to a cracking start - TWO FOR TWO!

#1 American Honey - hhhmm. I really liked some of it. Thought Sasha Lane was pretty incredible, but it was very much too long and didn’t really do enough? Felt like, for the first half especially, there was this looming sense of threat/dread that never came into fruition. Some very moving bits though, but an hour shorter please.

#2 Carol - this was excellent and I liked it a lot. Nice to see Coach in a film and of course the leads were absolutely amazing. You all know this because you saw it last year.

Might go see Your Name on Friday. Apparently it’s good. Anyone seen it?

Is my message in Ginormofont for anyone else?

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Yes :slight_smile:


It’s because I’m the most important one here

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I agree with you on American Honey and am glad to have some support about it. Way too fucking long for something so empty and Shia Lebeouf can fuck off into the sun forever plz.

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Yes! I really enjoyed it, it’s gorgeous to look at, funny in places, heartwarming in places, though it is a bit overly long.

From the trailer I really thought the film was going to be a clone of Spring Breakers, but it wasn’t as exciting. Shia was quite annoying.

The lady who ran the scheme who’s name I’ve forgotten was the best character.

Saw Passengers two days before 2017 started. The first act doesn’t deserve how good the second is and the second act really doesn’t deserve how bad the third is.

Saw 10 Cloverfield Lane on New Years Day. Super tense, intriguing and exciting. Realised I kind of love Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Crazy ending but I still liked it. Love the first film, enjoyed how this one got tied into the universe despite being originally written as a completely stand alone film.

Yeah, I kind of wanted to know more about her but that applies to all of them really (except LeTwat) they were just people we were looking at for a bit with the exception of Sasha Lane, nothing to latch onto with any of them.

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100%. Needed more flying squirrel and less of that dudes penis.

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sean decided to do a facebook


I watched Hard to Be A God yesterday. It’s three hours long and took 12 years to make. It’s intensely claustrophobic, utterly exhausting, at times literally nauseating, yet never boring.

It’s about a distant planet that’s stuck in its medieval period because any trace of original thought is immediately and brutally squashed. A group of scientists land and are viewed as gods. They have a dilemma - do they exploit their influence and encourage the society’s evolution, or do they simply let nature take its course?

If I lived alone it would probably be one of those films I put on several times a week - sort of in the background. But any given five minutes of it could potentially give my partner a panic attack, so a re-watch will have to wait.

Saw Passengers, was a bit miffed that it wasn’t the film the trailer suggested. Also, it wasn’t all that good.

Very much looking forward to seeing A Monster Calls - the book made me blub more than the sheer holistic beauty of Gravity’s Rainbow.