The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread

Super excited about:
Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Quite excited about:

Looking forward to watching:
War of Planet of the Apes
Alien: Covenant
Kong (if it get’s alright reviews, I’m a sucker for trashy survival movies)
Wonder Woman (again if it gets a good write up, trailer was decent)

Might watch if not terrible and am bored:
The Mummy
King Arthur
PotC 5

Mubi has put on Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion which isgreat

this sounds good, will watch

yeah it is. I’m a bit annoyed cause I paid to rent it on iTunes a couple of weeks ago


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I am weak

The kid from Lion may not have an Oscar nomination but he has something far better

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Lego Batman - as a Lego movie it’s a bit weak but as a superhero parody it’s very good, and I doubt this would actually have got made if it weren’t a Lego movie. Not a patch on the original Lego Movie but children’s cinema seems to be in a bit of a rut atm (the trailers were for Despicable Me 3 and Boss Baby, both of which look like pure shit).

Rams - Excellent dog.

Moonlight - It’s excellent, although I would have preferred to know absolutely nothing about it before I saw it (nice one, world’s longest preview campaign). That in your face closeness and bleak palette reminded me of Three Colours Blue.

GFF #6: Mindhorn Very funny British comedy written and performed by Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby about an ex-TV policeman Mindhorn (Barratt) who many years later is called in to stop a real life obsessive fan who is demanding Mindhorn after committing a murder, who does it for a P.R gig.

Its plot is a bit silly in places as it progresses (and Franaby’s weird Dutch/Saffie character is a bit troublesome) but in never ceases being very funny right to the end so just about gets away with it.

Also has a ton of fun cameos including Steve Coogan which is interesting as the main character definitely has a touch of Partridge about him.

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Went to see Moonlight

It is a really good film

Would be happy for that or MBTS to win Best Picture, but I expect it will be La La Land which was enjoyable enough but was an inferior film

john wick 2 not very good

Moonlight is excellent. Really excellent.

Thought the direction a touch clumsy at times myself, but this was more than compensated by the sheer force of it all. Highly recommended.

How so?



I thought some of the recurring imagery (such as the sea) a tad heavy-handed personally. And also there was a lot to cram in to the 3 sections - the 2nd part in particular seemed to move a tad too abruptly so you didn’t get the full scale of his character developing I didn’t think. These are all minor concerns though and don’t seem to be shared by anyone so perhaps I should be kinder on a re-watch.

But yeah - really vivid, haunting film. Gonna stay with me a while I reckon.

I think that recurring imagery (the sea, the idea of food as nurture etc) have been the things that have stuck with me the most tbh, it’s really important for a film so clearly divided in terms of chronology and performers to have consistent through-lines and I thought that was one of it’s biggest strengths.

Similarly I love that abruptness as well, there’s a whole host of gaps that you can fill in if you want (and there’s more than enough from the performances to allow you to do so) but the fact the film itself has no interest in doing it for you is a very bold step IMO.

Different strokes for different folks though innit, having spent some time to dwell on it I think it’s left more of an impression on me than I initially thought it had, might go and see it again on Monday in fact…


Yeah that’s fair enough! Think it comes down to personal preference of storytelling form as you say.

Definitely going to watch it again. The more I think about it, the better the film it becomes I think.

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Definitely agree with that

Good lord