The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Watched Do The Right Thing and Get Out on flight back, both great natch


Watched Demolition. Absolutely god-awful. Another movie where you think ‘what is the audience for this moping dreck?’


Jean-Marc Vallee’s Hollywood career has been very up and down of late, wasn’t keen on Dallas Buyer’s Club and Demolition looked awful, but in between he did Wild which I thought was great.


Kong: Skull Island - despite some clunky dialogue, mostly around the parts where it desperately tried (and failed) to be as ‘clever’ and analogous as the POTA films, I actually really quite enjoyed this. guess I’ve gotta watch Godzilla now!


I think someone here made the point already but with the “twist” in Get Out while you can see it coming the implications it has on the whole film are pretty wild, excellent stuff.


watched Catfight on Netflix and thought it was fantastic actually. really pleasantly surprised


Baby Driver - Really really bloody enjoyable and an extremely skilful meticulous piece of filmmaking. Kinda dragged slightly at the end but up til then it was excellent. It’s like Beyoncé to Drive’s Enya.



Oh boy…


Emphasis on ‘may’

Wouldn’t mind if it was true though, just to see everyone lose their shit


I thought this was crap too, but I thought it was far more entertaining than Alien Covenant. Expectations were extremely low though.


I don’t really have a problem with this, would prefer it wan’t remade but she’s a decent writer.


Watched Kong last night - totally agree with this. Enjoyed it way more than I expected it to (but Apocalypse Now! is one of my all-time favourites). Hiddleston is still, imo, really fucking wooden and just an all-round annoying screen presence. Probably watch Godzilla sometime soon, too. Thought some of the subtext stuff fell flat on its face but, when they were lighter with it, it totally worked for me - e.g. when first introduced to Kong, he swallows a human and the first(?) edit is to a soldier eating a ham sandwich.

Also watching the POTA films again before the new one comes out. I think Rise is my fave, it’s so so fun and smart in v unexpected ways with a lot of heart.


Not sure how Hiddleston is cast in things - always comes across as annoying/smug/gurning to the camera.


posh white english person who went to Eton in ‘getting unfair advantages’ shocker (he’s definitely incredibly average, although I prefer him to Redmayne at least)


He’s startlingly miscast in I Saw the Light. He’s supposed to be Hank Williams at around 25 and looks over a decade older than that. This makes the wife/girlfriend dynamic completely out of whack.


Didn’t know he went to Eton. Hope he got his tuck shop money stolen by Bunter and Co.


He’s great as Loki, but then that just requires him to be really hammy.


Wait…the kid from Hunt for the Wilderpeople is in Deadpool 2? Maybe the film won’t be totally pointless after all. Can they have him playing Ricky Baker again?


wow i find this hard to believe!!!