The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Thought Baby Driver was good but Edgar Wright showing off his music taste was a tacked on gimmick that didnt work. Wouldve been better if they didnt soundtrack every part of it. Good to see and hear Jon Spencer in it. Killer Mike is in for a wordless 5 aeconds. Flea is in it which knocks a point off it


Seeing this on Friday but that is my main concern from the trailer. Truly loathe films that are performative with their soundtracks. It wasn’t cool when Zach Braff did it so everyone else should be judged by those same standards as well.


Mechanic: Resurrection - absolute piss, didn’t make sense, Jessica Alba’s character was pointless, awful special effects. Tommy Lee Jones was in it for all of 5 minutes. Stath looked bored, but he did some of that fighting lark okay.

Still better than Alien Fucking Covenant though, because at least M:R made me laugh on 2 separate occasions.


It does fade half way through but it works so much better as an old fashioned action caper. A few songs here and there are okay but certainly tonstart its constant


watched hell or high water the other night, thought it was pretty good. quite a lean well shot & acted film. chris pine’s eyes, man he’s pretty.
great soundtrack


Kin ell, m9


Whoa, are you slating Back to the Future now? :frowning:


Never seen it


I stand by this though.


see also Christopher Ecclestone as John Lennon in a BBC Drama thing

Comfortably one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on TV - just comically miscast

By my calculations he was about 45, playing Lennon in his late 20s/ early 30s


great movie - rewatched it on Netflix the other day.


The sequel we’ve all been waiting for


sort of wish The Rock would just fuck off nowadays


He’s just been made an academy member!


Also tbh I’d rather he’s making shitty movies than ruining WWE because I can ignore him a lot easier there




quentin tarrantino films do it well because he picks good music (fuck off)

thought the music in baby driver was mostly shite so it kinda ruined it. like, i get that the style of it is the whole point of the film but the music is so prominent that if you don’t like it you’re fucked.


It’s part of an effort to diversify if that helps


I was going to watch Aquarius today. Ended up watching Suicide Squad. It was not a good idea.


Fucking terrible film. Assumed it would be a ‘so bad it’s good’ type film but it was bafflingly shit.

EDIT: oops lol