The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



john wick: chapter 2

fucking. brilliant.


Saw The Beguiled tonight and it’s very good indeed, I knew Coppola had another great movie in her


It didn’t make sense at all. I’m guessing the plot was written on half a stamp.


Saw this on Twitter and really appreciated it:


thats one of my uni mates. this is odd


He’s friends with friends of friends on there I guess? We have interacted a fair bit on Twitter for people who don’t know each other at all.


(Unless you mean Minnie Driver, obviously.)


I wish! Yeah he was on my housemates uni course . small world!


Baby Driver - Pretty fucking irritating tbh but kind of ok I guess. The chase sequences were superb but I’m willing to bet they’ve got nothing on the Fast and Furious franchise and some showy sound editing didn’t really pull the wool over my eyes with it tbh. Music video/advert filmmaking innit. Performances were fine, plotting was fine, it looked nice enough, that quest for “cool” just grated on me though.

Baby Driver

The idea did come from his video for a Mint Royale song


Didnt you find the way he acted during Bellbottoms at the start really annoying and out of sync with the rest of it


I thought that I was going to properly hate it during that scene.


I think it showa how the critics have their favouritea. Its good but no way is it 5 stars


Baby Driver

Chase scenes - great
Humour - good
The bits with Intermission and Hocus Pocus playing - great
Central romance - not very interesting
Eiza Gonzalez - more of her in future films please
Overall - good, but I think I preferred Scott Pilgrim vs the World and all three Cornetto films (yes, that includes The World’s End)


Blair Witch - crap


I watched the Circle. Holy cow, was it painful. Absurd, kind of a jumbled mess. And just so on the nose it was utterly cringe inducing. but I still kinda enjoyed it; I couldn’t help myself.


The panahi film??


is that the thing where they all get abducted and put on a gameshow?


@ericthefourth god no, the incredibly stupid adaptation of the presumably incredibly stupid Dave Eggars’s novel about the internet


Haha oh phew, was gonna say