The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



has anyone watched that netflix vegetarian film about the girl with the big pet cow/pig?


Okja? Not yet but watching it tomorrow.


What films are people looking forward to in the latter half of 2017? For me:

Spider-Man: Homecoming
War for the Planet of the Apes
The Beguiled
The Big City
A Ghost Story
The Square
Wind River
Blade Runner 2049 (for now anyway)
120 Beats Per Minute
Call Me By Your Name
Paddington 2
The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Happy End
Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The new Pixar film isn’t out until January over here?! Damn :frowning:


This and only this.


Happy End
Bladerunner (ish)


Watched it. I wish I liked it more.

The little girl and her super pig are great, but there are a lot of whacky grotesque baddies who are supposed to be funny but are just awful. Tilda Swinton needs no excuse to go over the top at the best of times and Jake Gyllenhaal looks like he wants to die.


Watched XX , anthology by four female directors (one is St Vincent). First story was good, rest was fotgettable


The book is only marginally less worse as it has a transparent shark that eats everything, can’t believe the film left that out. And no I’m not joking.


Is anyone going to see Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle?

  • Of course not
  • Yep, feel free to ban me

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Is that the actual title. If it makes any reference to that other Welcome to the Jungle Rocky Maiavia was in it will be a trainwreck



Excuse the pun, but Jake Gyllenhaal in this is the hammiest thing I’ve seen in ages. There’s some good bits a great chase/pursuit scene, the slaughterhouse bit at the end, and the main girl and Okja itself are great, but if I want to see Tilda Swinton go OTT, I think I’ll just watch Snowpiercer again.


jfc, this actually makes me want to read the book


(the book is actually ok IMO but it reads like someone would make a rubbish film of it and it sounds like they have)


Apparently thats only a Netflix exclusive cause in USA the reception was so poor


The Circle is a semi decent book. Bit ridiculous and over the top. But very timely and raises some important points. I simply cannot imagine how a film of it will work.


hated it, bar the okay bits you mention

didn’t like snowpiercer at all either, so guess i’m not a fan of joon-ho bong. really really hate ‘zany’ characters in films.


Just got back from Baby Driver. I’m a big fan of the cornetto trilogy, but jesus this and Scott Pilgrim are a real regression for Edgar Wright. Editing is absolutely amazing but there are so many juvenile mistakes when it comes to the plot.

Baby Driver is ultra generic. Feels harsh saying it, but it’s basically Drive for young teens. And the gender politics - fucking hell. Can we please find every writer that thinks manic pixie dream girl is still a viable character and shove their head down the fucking toilet?

The more I think about this the more dissapointed I am. Could have been really great and it’s really well put together but some plot choices really hold it back for me, Clive.


I wasn’t a fan of the Baby/Debora stuff in Baby Driver, but the term ‘manic pixie dream girl’ really needs to be retired at this point. There was nothing irritatingly quirky about Debora, she was just a bit dull. And like Baby she was a 20something who had the music taste of someone twice her age (i.e. Edgar Wright’s music taste). OK, maybe that was a bit annoyingly quirky.

Looking forward to the Baby Driver hot takes anyway, stuff along the lines of ‘it reinvents the action film!’, ‘it’s problematic!’ etc


Train to Busan.
Watched this last night, enjoyed it but thought it could have been 20mins shorter. Thought everyone in it was great and it was pretty funny at points, and really quite tense at oters. A good addition to the zombie genre.


She isn’t irritating but I didn’t realise that was a part of the trope.

Outgoing, quirky, endlessly positive, no actual back story, no tangible likes/dislikes, no friends/family of her own, exists only to further the plot of the male protaganist, something that other characters fight over, constantly referred to by how good looking she is and nothing else abour her person, she’s willing to understand said protaganist’s troubled emotions without ever speaking about her own, has no issue whatsoever being caught up in his crimes because she doesn’t have her own moral compass and will just go along with him, etc. All of her personality traits can be hobbled down into her sharing the same tastes of the male lead and to empathise with him, rather than it ever being him epathising with her.

I mean, you could replace her with a sexy lamp and the plot of Baby Driver literally wouldn’t change at all. It’s wafer thin characterisation and Edgar Wright should really know better.