The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Point taken but should he know better though? Every film he’s written/co-written (with the possible exception of Scott Pilgrim vs the World) has been dominated by male characters.



I watched that over the weekend, it would have slotted right into the heavy handed satire thread.

Mildly ridiculous but I couldn’t help but smile/grimace inwardly at how some aspects of the film captured certain truisms about the modern workplace/social media.


who on earth is that? that twitter is unreadable


Okja - Yeah, what the fuck was that Gyllenhaal performance all about!? Wasn’t really into Tilda Swinton here either. This was very good and nice when focussed on Mija and Okja, lost it’s way when we left Korea IMO but I liked it overall I think.


watched Lego Batman last night. was so, so much better than I was expecting - really wasn’t sure how they could string out (imo) the worst character from the Lego Movie into a full film but it was really fun and fast-paced throughout, they made the hamminess of the whole Batman redemption arc a really funny joke in and of itself.


is there anything decent out this month? I’d like to take the girl I like to the cinema :blush:


I’d say the novel’s definitely quite stupid, yeah. I was surprised this was on Netflix already—did it even play in cinemas? Seen no adverts for it either. Would’ve thought it’d be a bigger deal.


Take her to see Baby Driver by driving her to the cinema very fastly and dangerous like with dad rock blaring.


I don’t drive a car because I’m cool.

also, why do you want this to fail, brainfeeder, making me go see a bad film (is this a reference to that bad film? OH)

are there any real actual good films with nice photography out in July '17? no???


Import/Export is showing on Sunday at Home which is a lovely romp

otherwise Alone in Berlin is apparently quite good, or they’re replaying The Graduate


You’re deep into blockbuster territory. Next few week’s is all Spider-Man, Planet of the Apes and Dunkirk.

Or look here


thanks bbz

how about later in the month? anything decent?


hah! Planet of the Apes might be good for a laugh, no? or will it just be terrible?


The last two have been fucking great imo, easily one of the best new hollywood franchieses - yes, really


you aren’t the first person I’ve heard say the new one’s good, but the whole franchise? : D even with the uncanny valley cgi apes?


i’m only talking about the last 2 films since the reboot, the tim burton one can get tae fuck


As badman says the others have been good and early reports are saying this new one is excellent.


planet of the apes is good and if she doesn’t like it dump her


For my money, the new Planet of the Apes films are the best Hollywood films this decade.