The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



It was in US cinemas but it bombed both critically and box officely so they didn’t bother releasing here.


Captain Underpants!

heard a lot of good things about The Beguiled


: D love you, shrewbie

she’s the best. she’ll like it if you do.



I did see that on the release schedule and chuckle quite a bit


The beguiled!


ooh, tell me about this one, Severed.


It’s Sofia Coppola’s Cannes winning adaptation of the novel (Clint Eastwood also played a version of it before) and it’s actually, finally good


I’m seconding ^ this @incandenza - I’ve not seen the film yet but it looks like a winner in my book. Hope you guys have a good time!


Kedi. It’s just 80 minutes of cats and people talking about how great cats are in Turkish. Pretty solid litmus test of whether she’s worth your time.


Okja - Did not get on with it at all.

Something Wild - early Jonathan Demme that is on Netflix and cheered me up immensely when I was unwell. A “hoot”.


Watched Jurassic World. Fucking hell its a slog. Completely unmemorable

Also watched A Bay of Blood which did thr job


There is a pre sale at 10am for 70mm screenings of Dunkirk for anyone interested …

Here are the cinemas -


Booked the Science Museum Imax, gonna take my little brothers, really looking forward to it, it’s a fantastic screen, and the extended footage looked great before Rogue One.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Enjoyed how much they stripped this back to basics compared to a lot of other super hero films. Michael Keaton’s villain has no interest in taking over/ destroying the planet but he plays him with some real menace. The scene where he threatens to kill Peter Parker in the back of the car was pretty intense for a more family orientated film.

Enjoyed all the high school stuff, and thought the central friendship was really sweet. That said, the direction is pretty unremarkable, bar the one ferry scene in the trailer, and there’s absolutely no reason for it to have been two hours and fifteen minutes.

A strong 7 from me Clive.


I actually bought Jurassic World off iTunes and am reminded of my error every time I switch on my Apple TV. Awful.


Watched this again on Netflix last night and it’s so disappointing isn’t it? All the dinosaurs look like total shit, and the kids are just awful.


Watched Jawbone last night as I really like Johnny Harris and Michael Smiley. Was alright actually. Reasonably gritty south London boxing tale. I think they might have shot some of it at that Rooney’s place by London Bridge.


its just uninteresting and seemed to give up on any plot to give throwbacks to the old film

plus the racist name for one of the dinosaurs is so weird, I’m surprised more wasn’t made of it


Nah that’s perfectly innocent, just a really weird phrasing that would only be picked up by a British audience. It’s a real dinosaur:


Fair does - you’d have thought someone at the distributors would have had the foresight to think that most of the audience members wouldn’t be aware of that though and only hear the word and so get it changed or dubbed or something though