The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread





It Comes At Night - absolutely brilliant. See it. Read nothing about it. Then watch Krisha which is also fantastic.


Thursday and Friday off next week so I’m am going to do just that.


I remember this being mention at the time and thought it was bizarre people got worked up about it. It’s a homophone that has zero racial connotations in its use (i.e. Not as if an American film used the racial term about an Asian person without realising its offensive).

It has zero connotation in America, they’re not even aware it’s a thing so why would they change or even notice it? It’s not like they felt they had to rename bender in futurama for the uk market. People are intelligent enough to understand the context and that it wasn’t a homophobic slur, same with dinosaurs.


Or you wouldn’t expect uk programs to have to re dub every time someone says fag to mean cigarette.


Great film(s). Genuinely quite excited for Trey Edward Shults as a filmmaker. Love how he has made two films that although in completely different genres, share an incredibly claustrophobic, character-driven tension.

Although I just looked him up (to see how he spell and is name) and he wants to make a Kanye biopic next, erm…


Not the same really


Something Wild is great - rewatched it the other day

I remember the 1st time I saw it was on MovieDrome with Alex Cox, god I miss MovieDrome


Look forward to your thoughts, it’s played on my mind all weekend.


It Comes At Night - Saw this on about 3 hours sleep having got back from a stag do a couple of hours before which was far from ideal and it’s a testament to how good the film was that I didn’t fall asleep… Really claustrophobic and disorienting, loved the way the aspect ratio changes played with the ambiguity of whether what we were watching was real or not. Very strong performances all round. Good film.


think I might go see 2x films tonight as I’ve not been to the cinema in ages

early showing of Baby Driver followed by It Comes at Night


Watching this

Almost guaranteed to fall asleep 2/3rds of the way through.


You can do it! I watched A Brighter Summer Day yesterday - four hours long, albeit not all in one sitting. It was very good. Wish more Edward Yang stuff was available here.


it comes at night - really disappointing. one of those films where the ambiguity is there in lieu of a story or anything to say. it’s become the crutch of modern indie/low budget filmmaking and it must die.

ooo, he got caught in a lie! ah,it doesn’t mean anything since it was the kid sleepwalking which triggered the final push anyway. absolutely nothing was developed at any length. who are these people? what are their hopes and fears? what was in the woods? is sleepwalking a sign of infection? who gives a shit? the less you know or care about a film the better it is! the fifth dream sequence hipped everyone to the fact that there was nothing else to fill up the running time with. a really hollow film full of great actors and performances.

people were comparing it to the witch for some reason, which is insane as well as offensive since the witch was hands down the best film of 2016.

*if the goat who played black phillip really is in ICAN then it needs to speak to its agent asap. don’t go the way of beethoven, phil.


Thought this was miles better than The Witch personally which I found a bit silly…


I watched Aquarius the other day. thought it was pretty good. There was apparently a lot of controversy surrounding it in Brasil, and I’ve been reading a bit about recent Brazilian politics, which I know nothing about. Anyway, yeah, I enjoyed it

Okja - I liked this a fair amount. There were some pretty ripe performances. Seemed like a kids’ movie all round, in fact, but with a bit of extra swearing, CGI animal cruelty and activists getting the shit kicked out of them by the Pigs.


Watched the Green Inferno. The lad from Spy Kids gets eaten alive


Fell asleep


Watched Nobody Speak which was pretty good and interesting for most part but tailed off a bit towards the end


Really enjoyed it - which is more than the rest of the audience did, if the snorts of derision and muttered “that was a waste of two hours” are anything to go by.