The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



I just watched ‘Au Revoir Les Enfants’. what can anyone really say about a film like that? no more than you can capture the whole of a person with any amount of words. genuinely perfect.


sometimes a film just cuts clean through the fog of unreality you exist in. I think it’s closer to perfection than any other film I’ve seen.


Finally got round to Arrival last night, it’s actually really good.


Watched The Fly for the first time. I’m a huge fan of proper body horror and I was watching through my fingertips during the fingernail scene. Loved it.

Only other Cronenberg films I’ve seen before are Dead Ringers and A History of Violence. Going to put in a real shift through his filmography.


The Quiet Earth - Haunting and harrowing last person on the planet sci-fi that sadly descends into silliness in it’s second half. You could tell that both Danny Boyle and Will Forte were influenced by this for sure.


Overall I’m quite ambivalent to Cronenberg but The Brood often gets overlooked and is really worth your time.


Watched Prevenge last night.

The ball sack!


Thanks for the recommendation, will do


Love The Fly. Eastern Promises is worth watching too.

I watched Ghost in the Shell last night. Thought it was crap, aside from the last 10 mins.


Eastern Promises is so very, very silly.


Most of his films are though.


I haven’t seen it but I’m thankful for it, because now when people learn I have a degree in foreign languages they ask me if I’m going to talk to aliens instead of asking if I’m going to become a teacher.


This one seemed especially silly though.There’s that kid who gets stabbed in the graveyard which literally doesn’t get mentioned again. Also the naked sauna fight.


i like it though


Tarantino is making a film about the Sharon Tate/Manson murders so I can imagine thats handled with class and style


I’d forgotten about that actually…

Eastern Promises was the first film I bought off those guys who used to do the rounds in pubs selling bootleg DVDs.


Videodrome! Do it!


Love his early films! Shivers is cool.


Saw The Sinkholes (no idea what happened), Killer of Sheep (great) and Primal Fear (surprisingly enjoyable)


This is a really bad DVD cover