The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



That film has been insanely mis-sold.


Anyone looking forward to this…


Is it super paranoid to notice that the two black leads are missing from the cover and the implication that the woman/child on it are his family?


Not in the slightest. I’d say that’s a very calculated decision tbh.


The director’s IMDB pic is lovely


Best stuff is in his early years for me. Dont skip over shivers and rabid, and yeah the brood is amazing.


Corrie had Chesney going to see a Bergman film but he left half way through to go to the chippy (for real)


I think I enjoyed about 10 minutes of It Comes at Night. When they’re all friends and everything is lovely and perfect and nice. The rest I would say I… appreciated? Sort of. Well directed and excellent performances all round.

I enjoyed about 2h10mins of Spiderman Homecoming. Needed that after. Fluffy. He was good. Iron Man and Happy are fucking dicks.


I’ll tell you what I did for the first time recently, and what it was I did was watch Casablanca for the first time.

A rare example of a classic film being just as good as everyone says it is. Loved every single second of it.


There’s someone on DiS who hates Casablanca. Maybe @1101010? Whoever it is they’re an idiot, it;s a perfect film.


Hahahaha what?

But yeah the word perfect gets thrown about a lot but in this case it’s justified. Everything about it is brilliant.


I know it won Best Film/Director/Screenplay at the Oscars but was amazed to see Claude Rains didn’t win. He’s probably the best of an amazing cast.


Ha yeah he’s superb. His character’s superb.


David Lynch doc
Not an especially good documentary and covers a lot of well-trodden territory but some good lynch anecdotes and has enjoyable bits in it.


It was louis_taccos.


Loved it. Saw a really early showing and was glad to go for some lunch and a few beers afterwards as it was a pretty bleak watch. Best thing I’ve seen at the cinema in ages.

@blueturtle I hadn’t seen it compared to The Witch, but it reminded me a bit of the Survivalist, and The Road to a lesser extend. I did prefer it to The Witch though, which I disliked apart from the amazingly monikered Black Philip.


Finally got round to watching Cobain - Montage of Heck. Better than I expected. Was expecting a few appearances from a few other artists aside from Krist Novoselic and Courtney Love though.


A lot of classic films are that good though. People just misuse the term classic


The Beguiled

Very good, easily Sofia Coppola’s best film since Lost in Translation.

Choosing Elle Fanning over Kirsten Dunst? What a wally


Ape Wars - the first third of the film was absolutely stunning. Practically a silent film with one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in ages. Rest of it was a bit disappointing but still watchable and fairly gripping. One of the plot points was hilariously similar to Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place so I found it hard to take it seriously.

Overall a very strong trilogy.