The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread




Bit off to not name the actress in the headline


Live action Aladdin directed by Guy Ritchie - hmmmm
Live action Dumbo directed by Tim Burton - argh


Baby Driver - a film where 90% of the production time was spent on choreography and music and 10% was spent on everything else. As mentioned elsewhere its female “characters” were the kind that only a man would ever dream up; the music-loving waitress who just needs the right man to take her away from this humdrum world, the gun-toting bank robber who spends most of the film flinging herself at Jon Hamm and whose death scene was by far and away the most gratuitous in the film, and the beatified mother whose sole purpose is to show what a Nice Guy Baby really is. Someone really needs to have a word with Edgar Wright about this, it’s 2017 ffs.

EDIT: not a reply to kiyonemikabi.


Ive gotta disagree about the female characters. Whilst I do think Deborah is underwritten, I dont think she dreams of a man to take her away. When Baby first speaks to her, they both have the same fantasy, but see it as just that, a fantasy. When they both realise it is shared, then they realise it is a possibilty. I cant remember anything suggesting she needed a man to do it.

Also with the couple, if anything I think she ( i cant remember either characters name!) Is shown to be the stronger of the two - it is her who stands up and warns Jamie Foxx in the diner. i also thought Jamie Foxxs death with the tree going throigh him was more gratuitous

I saw it a few weeks ago so may be mis remembering though


It’s not that Debora’s necessarily dreaming of that, more that it felt like it just didn’t occur to her until Baby told her to do it. Also Darling talking back to Jamie Foxx in the diner was kind of undermined by her trying to convince Buddy to kill him when they stopped outside the gas station. And Jamie Foxx dying was just drive, splat, whereas there was about 10 seconds of close ups of bullets going into Darling and her protractedly falling to the floor. Reminded me of Christina Hendricks getting slow-mo shot in the face in Drive


Don’t hate it. It was fine but wasn’t particularly bothered about it, TBH.


Saw A Ghost Story - enjoyed it on the whole, good performances and interesting storytelling, but there were more than a few times where certain shots/scenes lingered for far too long making it seem like they were just padding out the run time because they didn’t have enough material.


Yeah a few people I saw this with said that they thought it seemed like a short film stretched to feature length.

I absolutely loved it, but tbf I’m a sucker for long lingering shots that give the audience the chance to find their own meaning. That pie scene was amazing.


The pie scene was pretty great, I agree. Poor Rooney, hah. I actually suspect I would have liked it a lot more if I had watched it at home. The slow pace and the relative silence of most of the film doesn’t lend itself to sitting in a theater with a bunch of idiots who feel the need to cough or ruffle through their popcorn box every time there’s a lull. I’ll definitely have to revisit.


War for the Planet of the Apes

Really liked it until Caesar was captured but after that it became a bit of a trudge. The apes are amazing though (Maurice! Bad Ape!) and the final scene is touching and serves as a fitting ending to the trilogy, if indeed this is the last one


The Beguiled - Looked beautiful (despite the cinema running it in the wrong aspect ratio for a bit), good subtle performances, very evocative but a bit flat? Just made me want to watch The Virgin Suicides again tbh.

Despicable Me 3 - Please don’t ask me why I lack the conviction to say “no, we’re not going to see Despicable Me 3” but also please don’t go and see Despicable Me 3.


I think flatness is usually a problem for Coppola, but this time she was just the right side of “atmospheric”… only just but


I really like her stuff as a general rule, think Somewhere is very underrated. I’d be intrigued to watch the original as a comparison piece for this latest one as I feel like I might get more out of it when the goals of it are better established or something?


what do you mean by goals established etc?


Well it’s her attempt to tell the same story from the perspective of the girls from what I understand whereas the original was a lot more focussed on the soldier and apparently dealt with him in less ambiguous terms. I think I might find this remake a bit more rewarding with the context of the original to compare it to or something?


right, gotchya. I did wonder about this too.


Colin Farrell’s acting when he has an Irish accent >>> Colin Farrell’s acting when he doesn’t have an Irish accent


Went to see All Eyez On Me yesterday evening. Didn’t pre-book tickets but luckily the cinema wasn’t


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Watched The Devil’s Candy last night. Pretty good. Good soundtrack. Would recommend.