The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



saw Spider Man: Homecoming yesterday. as a self-professed ‘marvel wanker’ i loved it. and i didn’t even bother with the Andrew Garfield ones.

Tom Holland was an absolute revelation. lots of good humour bits, no painful retreading of the ‘origin’, and the prom night twist was absolutely amazing. i said ‘fuck!’ out loud when it happened which probably wasn’t best thing to do at what is ostensibly a kids film - was mostly adults in the cinema thankfully.


Saw Zombies vs Cockney’s over the weekend; it obviously rather daft but hard not to enjoy! Also rewatched Wild at Heart (had to fast forward Cage’s Elvis renditions though) and Be Kind Rewind (still charming if admittedly incredibly twee).


Looking forward to seeing Dunkirk in 70MM/Imax as not only is Manchester the only place outside London showing it that way but the Imax screen here is the biggest in Europe supposedly.

Not sure what everyone on DIS’s take on Imax/70mm is?


got these knocking around - which should i watch next?

  • American Honey
  • The Devil’s Rejects
  • The Danish Girl
  • The Edge of Heaven
  • Just watch Billy Madison again

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Do NOT watch American Honey or the Danish Girl.




i liked angela arnold’s older films

i hate the danish girl man, what’s his face, creepy bloke
actually hate is too strong a word. I just find him immensely uncomfortable on screen


American Honey is the obvious choice, a flat-out masterpiece. Up there for film of the decade for me. It’s everything Andrea Arnold has been building towards. My mates who’ve seen it all love it, though I remember it has its detractors on here.


red road and thingy tank were both brilliant - so it was an obvious buy. just slightly scared by its run time


Ok well it’s up to you but I’m warning you it’s almost 3 hours of your life that you won’t be able to get back.

tbf American Honey is just boring more than anything. The Danish Girl is actually contemptible. Absolute 0/10 film.

(Eddie Redmayne’s the actor which you seek).


what’s so bad about it? the thinly veiled read the book so we bought the film in a 3 for a fiver blu ray deal - no big loss


Don’t be - it’s her paciest film by a mile, seen it a few times and always surprised by how fast that time passes. It’s absolutely NOT boring - it’s an extremely intense, sensory experience. BIG THUMBS UP, watch asap etc etc.


The zimmer-frame/zombie race in CvZ is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in years


was planning on going to see this tonight but the sun’s out so might go sit in a park instead


fair, do see it though.


It turns a really significant and also harrowing story into a mawkish costume drama with no soul. It’s literally just an excuse to watch Eddie Redmayne dress up as a woman. There is no depth to it. At all.

Redmayne is clearly a very technically skilled actor. But his performances are so EMPTY y’know?


I thought the BFI IMAX was the biggest in the country?

I’ve only seen a couple of films on IMAX screens. Never that arsed about it to be honest. Not having someone sat next to me eating will result in a more immersive viewing experience than any IMAX screen can provide.

Having said that, I will probably see Dunkirk on the one in Wimbledon just because I feel I should.


i found fantastic beasts to be one of the most unpleasant cinema experiences ever. i was steaming, mind


could be right yeah i just recall reading it was the biggest in the Uk and one of the biggest in all Europe. i saw a diagram once. or something.


Just move a few seats closer than you’d normally sit in = bigger.


He’s a completely hollow actor, you never see the character you see Redmayne acting. And stop looking down all the time!