The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Top tip: The Science Museum imax is better than the BFI imax.

I love imax. If you’ve no seen Gravity on imax you’ve no seen Gravity. Interstellar was great to watch on it too so I’m really looking forward Dunkirk. In fact, the special 7 minute 70mm imax Dunkirk trailer in December was probably one of the most cinematic experiences I’ve ever had.


Fantastic Beasts was already terrible and he somehow made it worse. Why was he still acting like his Stephen Hawking??


It never took itself too seriously, did it? Could have happily watched a whole film with just Brick Top and his retirement community mates to be honest.


that fucking Stephen Hawking film. Really wanted to like it. But no.


I thought he was fine in Fantastic Beasts to be honest, suits his Tim-Nice-But-Dim personality perfectly. The Danish Girl looks terrible though.

American Honey is OK, felt guilty about fancying Riley Keough in it


Frank LeBeouf is in it though!


When is this / is it at Odeon?

Never seen Imax so would be nice to catch a film, especially if its going to be a unique showing


in wat


that Hawking one





I still laugh when I remember the baby getting kicked, fucking hell


Saw Baby Driver last night, was pretty good actually. Ending was a bit odd and fell apart in places, but I liked the way it set Bats up as the big bad, then offed him, only for Buddy to step up and be a bit Terminator-esque

Quite liked the Bell Bottoms intro bit, felt a bit silly - but I dunno, suited the tone, which to be fair, was all over the place.


yeah from Friday, at Odeon Printworks as was or VUE as it is now.


ah yeah i guess. what’s your particular issue with Imax? i know it’s a gimmick and everything…


5/5 in the Graun too. i’m no fan of Bradshaw like but still…


I was lookiing forward to Dunkirk until I read the last word of this


oh I literally had no idea it had changed!


TItanic’s last act is really good


i know yeah they didn’t shout about it. it’s the same pretty much.


Song to Song : just terrible. I don’t even know how I stayed awake.