The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Can’t tell if bants but it’s the central plot if the film widely publicised going in


2 hours is average I thought? Guess I’ve got used to LONG films


Not seen Picnic but Truman Show and Master and Commander are two of my all-time fave films. Also loved Witness as a wee lad. He doesn’t make near enough as many films as he should but I guess that’s his charm.


might check it out, might not bother if it doesn’t add much. attempting to explain it seems like it’s obviously defeating the point of it.


Think 9/10 films could stand to lose 15 minutes regardless, 2 hours is a lot for a romcom.


Hah, I’ll take your second point :wink:


I quite like to watch Master and Commander again. Remember really liking it when it came out. I watch the Witness not too long ago, thought it was good. there aren’t too many films about the Amish


Is master and commander actually good???


I thought it was when I was what 14 or whatever


Yes it is. I mean, obviously you’d hate it, but it is actually good.


I dont hate everything. If it wins in this poll I will watch it:

  • Master and Commander is good
  • Master and Commander is not good
  • woozle wuzzle

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Really think you’re too cynical to get on board with a film that’s basically about slightly cheesy friendships between a bunch of men on a boat. It really is a beautiful and meticulously made film on top of that though.


I like Peter Weir though. Stranger (than) things have happened .


Not seen it. Just liked the way the words woozle & wuzzle looked together and sounded in my head :blush:


seems a bit reductive to call The Big Sick a ‘romcom’ - not that i’ve seen it but yeah it seems to be more along the lines of Funny People i.e. a drama with some comedy elements. either way I can’t remember the last time I saw a film that was significantly less than 2 hours - even Disney films are way over 90mins these days, and ALL blockbusters go over 2 hours. just seems par for the course.


Probably why Dunkirk stands out so much.

A Ghost Story (out here next week) is around 95 minutes long.


Last three films I’ve seen are It Comes At Night, Dunkirk and The Beguiled, all much better for their concise running time.


The Big Sick is definitely being marketed as a romcom, how is it reductive?


is this like when Synedoche New York was marketed as the comedy of the year


Probably not the best argument to use - marketing is always reductive!