The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



or Force Majeure


true, seem to remember people here finding that funny tho


Pretty certain the film written by and starring comedians about a stand up comedian is gonna be a romcom sorry guys. I’ll happily make a poll after everyone has seen it to confirm. Nothing should be compared with Funny People regardless. Two and a half hour mess.


I dunno it’s a film about a girl falling into a coma, it’s not exactly Runaway Bride or something


Just saw Dunkirk. Excellent use of needing a poo to ratchet the tension up!


It’s definitely a rom com. It’s romantic and funny. It’s also very good.


Fatal Attraction is a bit of a mess eh


6 Oscar nominations! The 80s were a strange time.


Just got home and American Honey is on. Absolutely no way I can last 160 minutes with these stupid Americans in this bloody aspect ratio. No thank you.


Gr8 movie tbh


Finally watched The Room. Holy shit.


Watched Train to Busan. Did exactly what I needed it to do, would recommend.


it’s really sunny outside so i’m gonna stay in and watch something violent and cool


Watched Man Up. Wanted to hate it, found myself going with it

Still think Simon Pegg is awful


Co-wrote Spaced, would have to be Yewtree’d or something to erase that in my book. Terrible as a leading man when Edgar Wright isn’t around though


What about that kula shaker film


I just watched Cube on bluray. Quite enjoyed it. Dat cgi tho


See it was mentioned above but this was a rom-com that genuinely needed to be longer than 90mins and suffered because of that time restraint…

I’m guessing it was 90mins long,
it felt that long…


Nah it was a fine length. Any more and the characters wouldve tipped over to beyond annoying


Man we can never agree on films, can we TKC!! That last half an hour was so rushed! It had been quite low key until that final third where they tried to cram in too much…