The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Captain Underpants - Good and silly and funny, gonna take my niece and nephew and they’ll love it and it will be fun.

England Is Mine - Boring, shit film about a boring, shit person. Hated Morrissey before this, hate him even more now. Don’t think there’s a combination I find more unbearable than those people who manage to be both self-pitying and completely aloof. If this has been a film about a fictional character it wouldn’t have been made as literally nobody anywhere would ever want to spend time with a character as utterly unbearable and unsympathetic.


As someone who fucking loves Morrissey, it is baffling to me why anyone would watch this film, let alone someone who already hates him. Could you not have just gone for a walk or something?


Anyone seen this?


Unlimited card and it could have been a good film at least, I don’t like Johnny Cash but Walk the Line was good…


Hard To Be A God.

Weird film to discuss, it looks amazing (though is seriously gross) and is shot really well. But at three hours it is a slog, then again it’s supposed to feel like that I suppose.

Also there’s very little meat to the plot, so it gets easy to become a bit lost in it… but then again that’s part of the point of the film, I think.

Probably not doing a good job of selling it, as it sounds horribly self indulgent and pretentious, which it pretty much is. Would recommend to anyone that likes slow paced arty stuff and is prepared for some disgust.

So many scenes of people rubbing faeces into faces, so many!


It contains one of my favourite lines in all film

“Sir,sir…I found this under a pig!”


There is a weird Monty Python vibe to it all


Yes. It’s hard to tell to what extent it is a comedy.


I love it. probably the most spit, piss, shit, mud, etc I’ve ever seen in a film. it makes for an interesting comparison with Stalker, since both are based on books the Strugatskys. there’s also apparently a shitty 80s version with Werner Herzog set on what looks like a Dune-inspired desert planet.


The Big Sick - My enjoyment was probably enhanced by it being a very hungover Saturday but really enjoyed the performances and felt the central relationship. Since seeing it have read and heard a few pieces on it from PoC who were really unhappy with how the Pakistani women were portrayed which I didn’t click with at first but on reflection is quite ropey.

Girls Trip - Overlong and some gross out humour at points which feels out of step with the rest of it but overall a lot more fun than I expected. Seeing it in a cinema consisting of 95% women who were heckling the central adulterer made it all the better (and I am usually incredibly anal about anyone making noise in the cinema)


I think it’s getting a digital release on Sept 1st, so I think I’m going to hold off 'til then.


No, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. Looks interesting. Gets some good reviews…


I thought the Pakistani characters in The Big Sick were portrayed quite sensitively on the whole - I mean one is a caricature who blurts out stuff about The X-Files but didn’t see an issue with the others.


Fatal Attraction’s great fun! Ending’s a bit silly but it’s cracking fun if that’s what you’re looking for.


The original ending probably would have been better but as usual test audiences weren’t having it.


Oh what was the original ending?? Spoiler block obvs.


Don’t remember all the details now but:

I think the original ending was Glenn Close kills herself but makes it look like Michael Douglas murdered her, so he gets arrested (though there’s a suggestion at the end that his wife finds evidence that might exonerate him). Test audiences wanted Glenn Close to get her comeuppance instead


Yeah that would’ve been better. Although I doubt that film could resolve without it being a touch #problematic for modern audiences. The film does look a bit ropey 30 years on in this regard.


A new podcast started recently covering a different erotic thriller every week and basically makes fun of it. Its called… Fatal Attractions and the titular title was the first they talked about


I am trying to watch Amour. I have about 50 minutes left. should I carry on, or is it just too much?