The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Fortunately, if you want a film that ends in that kind of way, then we still have The Last Seduction.


If you mean ‘does it get less depressing’ than the answer is no


I just read a Guardian review, it seems I have much worse to look forward to than Anne losing the dignity of bladder and bowel control.

among other things, George hitting her when she won’t eat.

yeah… I’m out.


What exactly were you expecting?


I didn’t know exactly how the film would progress towards the inevitable. it’s gotten to be a bit too much earlier than I thought it would.


you should keep watching it, it’s really something


Nice to see haneke has made a nice film about love for a change… OH LORD


I probably will.

the things that were keeping me in up to the second stroke were Anne’s refusal to give in, and the subtleties of her relationship with George..

here I go again.


I watched the Conversation the other day. it’s good, eh.


Coppola made that and The Godfather/The Godfather Part II within the space of a few years, not bad going. A real shame he left all his talent behind after Apocalypse Now.


I quite like Rumblefish, tbh, but yeah, the fact that the guy responsible for The Conversation also made Jack is ridiculous.


the most recent stuff I’ve seen by him was… weird. I kind of enjoyed Twixt but Youth Without Youth was really really bad.

I’m quite fond of Rumble Fish and seem to remember liking the Cotton Club, but yeah, they aren’t on the level of his 70s material


And you were telling me you werent into 70s paranoia flicks!


just that I wasn’t into Parallax View massively and haven’t seen either Klute or All the President’s Men. I like them in theory!


Yeah its definitely a hard watch but its not voyeuristic or overblown.

If you want a “lighter” film with a similar feel, one of my favourites is Make Way For Tomorrow. Its still bleak but not as full on, inspired Tokyo Story too


really want to see Fearless again - I remember it being pretty amazing



I finished it. it really wasn’t as gruelling as I expected. beautiful. don’t really think I could come up with any elegant enough to do justice to how it felt to watch beyond that.

might be my favourite Haneke.


got both of those ready to watch. I only want to watch sad films rn.


Nahhhhhh m88888

Really looking forward to the new one tho


Amour is brilliant. Just masterful work.

The Seventh Continent is probably my favourite Haneke as it goes.