The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Yes I admit I had to have that explained to me when I watched it. Still left me cold mind.

Not saying Hidden isn’t a great film, it is, just prefer several others of his.


There was his top ten films on bfi some years back. He worshipped bresson and kiarostami. Would really recommend Lancelot du Lac and Crimson Gold, panahi’s the circle too.


Oh and Innocence the french film directed by lucile hadzihalilovic is really underrated and misunderstood


Yay for people talking about Haneke! This is a good day for me! :smile: I went with The Castle because it’s also one of my favourite books, but I also don’t think it’s really on a par with the source material. Funny Games next for me. The golf ball…a beautifully dread-inducing visual cue! Honestly, I just love all his films, they all have very unique personalities.


went for the white ribbon but I dunno.


i love the book and the film but he took some really odd liberties with the text, and being a TV movie the production levels don’t seem quite the same. i do still really enjoy it though, got it on imported bluray a couple years back and really enjoy an occasional watch when i get in a kafka mood.


tbh all of these are top tier: The Seventh Continent, Hidden, The Piano Teacher, Funny Games, The White Ribbon, Benny’s Video. For me Code Unknown, The Castle, Amour are all really very good but just fall a bit short for various reasons. Time of the Wolf is the only one that’s kind of not good.


but who’s sending the videos???


what if it’s us - the viewer! :exploding_head:




Well this is a lot more fun than everyone arguing over Personal Shopper




maybe it’s a shared universe and it’s was Benny’s all along*


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets wooft.


Everything I’ve heard about Haneke’s films makes me want to stay about a million miles away from them - same with Lars von Trier.

Does anyone else have directors that they’ve just taken against for no particular reason?


mate, why


surprise day off work and that was the next film starting


Agreed about Lars von Trier, but then he’s just an obnoxious git who likes to wind people up. Haneke doesn’t have that issue.


sort of but he’s made a couple of brilliant films in spite of that


Andrea Arnold
Dardenne Bros
Leos Carax

pretty much any curzon loyalty card wanker stuff