The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Dardennes are aces. The others can be a bit meh.


every time i’ve gone to put one of their films on i can’t go through with it


I thought The Kid With A Bike and 2 Days One Night were very, very meh myself.



yeah I need to see more Bresson, Ill seek that list. Cheers. Have seen Crimson Gold and The Circle, both top


The Lovers on the Bridge by Carax is really good, give that a go



Von Trier is obviously a wind up merchant but I’ve only ever taken against one of his films (not seen Nymphomaniac) and that was The Idiots


always put haneke in that bracket meself, soz


smh dingaling


Salo?! oh dear Michael


not even ON Hanekebook, mate


it’s a good film


For anyone else who keeps a Letterboxd or something similar, how many films have you all seen? Not to be all “my list is bigger than your list”, just curious to see where my fellow film fans are at. I just cracked 1100 though I’m sure there’s a handful I’ve forgotten from years back.


I’ve always assumed the Dardennes would be extremely tedious. Holy Motors had some good bits but was annoying so I’ve written Leos Carax off.

I don’t like the following, without justification:
François Ozon
Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, those guys who I lump together.
many others I can’t think of

plenty of others I’ve written off having seen one or two films by (Almodovar, Greenaway, etc)


oh my word

which almodovar and greenaway did you watch?


Holy Motors was great fun! Keep at Almadovar, there’s some real gems there. Talk to Her is pretty brutal if you don’t like the more flamboyant stuff.


The Skin I Live In, probably hated it more than most other films I’ve seen, not entirely sure why. saw Talk to Her after, thought it was much, much better - it actually had some good stuff, but I think it was already too late.

Greenaway - The Cook, etc and Prospero’s Books. could not handle either


ha i was talking yesterday about how much I fucking hated The Skin I Live In, not because it was necessarily a ‘bad film’ but because it was just so fucking horrible - so i’ve never bothered with any other Almodovar


Definitely got no interest in Ken Loach too, it all sounds like a lot of hard work.


ericthefourth is the DiS hanekechief.