The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



ah man, that’s a shame. i haven’t seen any of almodovar’s later stuff but he has a few gooduns earlier on - high heels, all about my mother, talk to her. i love peter greenaway anyway but i’d recommend the draughtsman’s contract as one of the more bearable ones.

kieslowski - double life of veronique is great, the two short film abouts… are good, three colours blue is great
ken loach - not a huge fan myself but Kes is perfect
mike leigh - abigail’s party! Naked!!



have started a bunch of these but always get bored of ticking off films after 5 minutes


I bloody love The Skin I Live In, unfairly maligned IMO. Huge fan of everything of his that I’ve seen though tbf.


Tbf I did the bulk of mine on a really hungover day when I wanted to watch films but didn’t have the brainpower. So, making lists of films seemed to be the next best thing - almost fooled myself into thinking I’d been productive that day too.


tbh I may eventually end up watching some of these, and end up overcoming my prejudices. it’ll be a moving tale. even some of the more well-regarded Almodovar and Greenaway things


Coens. Seen a handful, hated them. Just cba


Letterboxd is too much hassle, ive seen too much now. Its at the stage i fotget if Ive seen a film or what happens in a lot (took me about 50 mins of The Doom Generation to realise id seen and disliked iy before)




Not really for no reason then eh


yeah no considered, well-formed opinions please


Festen is good



Good little piece, this:


Xavier Dolan. I refuse to believe that a film made by a 12 year old can be any good.


Oh pal, his last was a bit of a dud but believe the hype.


He’s 28!? Blimey. Didn’t know that. That is a bit off putting.

Nicholas Winding Refn made Pusher when he was 26 though and I like that.


I have since this thread watched EUROPA REPORT - seemed to shrink under the radar but it was actually quite interesting and struck a nice balance in it
MURDER BY CONTRACT - pretty suave piece, pretty sure Claude off GTA was based off Claude in this
THE WALL - John Cena !


mate this film was so bad. the effects, the acting… the ending. fuck, i wish i’d forgotten it existed.


code unknown is one of my fav films ever


Pulse (2001)
Holy shit this film is scary. I rewatched it for the first time in over a decade expecting to find dated lolz internet horror but it scared the shite out of me so bad that 2/3 times i nearly had to turn it off. Shame it all goes to shit in the last act coz the first two thirds of it is brilliant.