The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



24 Hour Party People - funny and weird, seen very few films which play so much with the 4th wall or so readily acknowledge that they’re works of fiction. Music and cameos were obviously great and the Blue Monday/Hacienda story is nuts. Didn’t quite hang together overall but enjoyable anyway.

Marty - pretty amazing, one of only two films to win the Best Picture Oscar and the Palme d’Or. Very measured and thoughtful, gave a lot more time to secondary characters than you’d expect for such a short film, while still developing the main relationship enough to totally draw you in. Avoided a lot of the cliches of the romantic drama; at one point I thought I could tell exactly beat-for-beat how it would play out but it went completely against that. One of the best things I’ve seen this year, go watch it. A (somewhat) unheralded classic.


My main memory of that film was the way they made Ian Curtis’ death unintentionally funny.


Yeah not the best moment, especially compared to Control dealing with the same subject obviously a hundred times more sensitively.


The Earrings of madame De… - really really great, every shot is filled with character, both affecting and funny. ace


@Unlucky I watched Christine the other day! Damn Arnie was really irritating, right? Quite liked all the bits where Christine was seeking out her prey and whenever she self repaired itself…


The Levelling is very good. Some dodgy acting in places, but still really liked it.


I fucking LOVE Christine :heart:


Whenever I see The Cube on the tv listings I always get excited until I realise yet again it’s the terrible game show not the awesome film.

I don’t see how it could age badly!


I watched it on bluray so the FX were the main offender! That ending is pure 90s though. :smile:


Aahhh!! Never watch anything on blueray!! It should only be watched via vhs :wink:

Ever attempted the other cubes? My friend and I made it our mission to get through cube zero but we never managed. We probably watched cube 2: hypercube but I remember nothing.


I thought you were talking about the recent Rebecca Hall film at first and got rather confused.



Occult as fuck. V. Rosemary’s baby. Will be watching :scream:


Lord no! I like the first one but there is absolutely zero mileage in that idea to take it any further. What even happens in them? Just more bozos in the cube?


Haha, yeah they should never be watched. I can’t remember! We watched them back in the early 00s but presumably … yes.


I have also watched cube 2: hyper cube and could also tell you nothing about it


from (dodgy) memory, it all takes place in another dimension so absolutely anything goes. spontaneous time travel, people coming back to life, nothing making any sense etc


:grin: nope sorry this was Christine (1983) the John Carpenter directed killer car flick (soooo good, right @dingaling?) ! Is Christine (2016) worth watching?




Yes though its a pretty grueling watch.


Just read some synopsis’ of the two sequels. Hypercube just sounds like a ramped up version of the first film whilst Cube Zero sounded like a slightly more interesting take as the story follows the technicians observing the prisoners in the cube :open_mouth: ! Would watch.