The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Obviously i havent seen it, but surely it’s better not to know? Even knowing there are technicians observing them feels a bit disappointing.


Hmm true, it was more that they seemed liked they’d be good Friday night popcorn type flicks. So whilst both films may have been (and possibly are) diminishing returns; it could be fun to see where the creators took things.

Saying that I’ll probably watch them and within a week, I’ll be giving them a similar review to what Japes & Witches are saying above…


The game show is actually good.


Atomic Blonde.
Channels loads of Bourne esp the first one, good period setting, looks nice and has a great one shot extended fight scene in a apartment/stairwell.
A lot more fun than most of the recent Bond films.


hahaha Ant likes The Cube on ITV


That’s the Christine I’m talking about :red_car:


Because I ran out of edit time:

ETA: ignore me I don’t read good. (I don’t think I could watch the Rebecca Hall version, the idea of people committing suicide on live tv upsets me slightly more than suicide itself


I don’t think that car emoji quite does the film justice but I’m glad that we are at least on the same page! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I had only read a brief description of the Rebecca Hall version and wasn’t aware of how dark it got. Thanks for the forewarning!




It’s based on a true story too :tired_face:


I didn’t even know this film even existed until this morning!! I just wanted to talk about the rampage of a murderous Plymouth Fury :wink:


Oh also I misinterpreted your post! I thought you were groaning because I hadn’t realised that it was based on a true story. Bah sorry!




I’ve got The Master from my rental thing but I’m scared to watch it again unless in case it’s not as 10/10 as I remembered.


Re-watched it recently and got much more out of it second time round, I wasn’t 10/10 enamoured with it in the first place though tbf


has anyone seen Extraordinary Stories?


I’ve had it on Bluray for ages - held off for exactly the same reason.


I can’t watch my copy of There Will Be Blood for the same reason. I’ve only seen it in the cinema when it came out.

Really need to get over myself. Finally rewatched Punch Drunk Love recently and it was even better than I remembered.


This film has made almost $600 million in China in two weeks. It sounds like a Chinese version of Rambo


watched the Master for the second time and thought it was still absolutely incredible, might be in my top 10 of all time tbh. wish I liked any of P.T. Anderson’s films anywhere near as much as this one. what’s he working on now?