The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread




ooooh shit, that could be good. not sure what he was thinking with Inherent Vice tbh.


Yeah definitely sounds quite promising! Owh I really liked Inherent Vice… What irked you about it?


i read the novel first and wasn’t crazy about it, and didn’t really care for the adaptation. just seemed a bit goofy and lightweight, which there’s nothing “”“inherently”"" wrong with, just not really what i wanted from him.


I remember being driven mad by Inherent Vice at times but still wound up really liking it. I can see why people would hate it though. Hell, as much as I like PTA’s films, I can see why people would hate most/all of them!


i didnt really get him until TWBB and even then i just thought it was very good rather than amazing. Inherent Vice just seemed a bit step down from the Master. Never seen Boogie Nights mind, is it worth bothering with in this day and age?


Fair enough! I was somewhat charmed by the goofiness of it but like @kiyonemakibi said I can see why people wouldn’t enjoy it. I’ve not read the novel mind nor any of Pynchon’s other works…


I’ve always felt Boogie Nights is overrated but lots of people enjoy it so it’s worth a go.


Boogie Nights is good fun but nothing more than that


Haha I just watched the trailer for this and have no idea what it’s about.

Im not sure why I didn’t watch this when it came out considering who’s in it, who it’s directed by and the reviews it got… it’s now on my to do list. Ta for the reminder.


TWBB is just as good as The Master I’d say


yeah i liked this

load of nonsense but looked cool and enjoyed the music


It’s very loosely based on the beginnings of scientology, so if you’ve got any interested in that it definitely helps. I’m utterly obsessed with it :dizzy_face:


Nahhhh maaaaate


A Ghost Story

Still not sure how I feel about this really, can’t decide if I found it fascinating or infuriating. On a side note, Will Oldham has about 80-90% of the English language dialogue in the whole film.


This scene:

Love the film (the three leads are incredible), though it’s sad now to see the scene where Dodd is challenged by John More knowing both actors have since passed away far too soon :frowning:

Thank god people are still willing to finance PTA’s films considering none of them make any money!


Watched Mardan
Wouldve been better cut down by half hour but still a fresh feeling interesting piece.

13 sins. Remake of 13 game of death (i cant remember if ive seen this), quite nasty fun but trails of so bad


Ok then!


Love PTA but couldn’t get on with Inherent Vice. Frustrating as I’m an uber fan of Joanna Newsom as well. Might give it another go at some point.


Yes, it’s excellent & Rebecca Hall is absolutely brilliant in it.