The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



oh man, I love Miracle Mile. Had a VHS copy about twenty years ago from a dodgy remainder place. I don’t think it’s ever been on DVD over here, but there is an American bluray remastered edition that I really should investigate. We’ll be like the dinosaurs


Saw The Big Sick a couple of days ago and enjoyed it, even if I did wonder where it was going after half an hour. Didn’t think there was anything amiss with the portrayal of the Pakistani women tbh, especially as the film is based on a true story.


Yeah i never hear about it but it packs such a punch! Really really loved it


Have you read any of Pynchon’s books? I saw IV before I read any and did enjoy it from the go, but after reading him it made a lot more sense. There’s often not much of a traditional story line to follow, there’s lots of just going with the flow and enjoying how he uses words and creates crazy concepts. So the film felt similar to me, just going along with Doc and enjoying the images and sensory aspect and the confusion, with there being a whole lot of “proper” story to grasp onto.


Get the tissues out before you read Gravitys Rainbow


Recently I watched:

What We Do in the Shadows: so much fun, I want to watch it again already!
Hunt For the Wilderpeople: As funny as WWDITS but I also cried buckets, because it was so bloody lovely. Like, I knew Taika Waititi was great, but both films surpassed my expectations. I’m even more excited for Thor Ragnarok now.
The Lobster: Was not expecting to like this at all, but once I got past all these incredible actors speaking their lines straight off the page, I really enjoyed it. I’ve never been much of a Colin Farrell fan, but I wanted to give him a big hug.
The amazing Jessica James: I looooove Jessica Williams and could watch her read the phone book. It wasn’t anything revolutionary but it was cute, and Chris O’Dowd wasn’t nearly as irritating as he usually is.
Sicario: Brilliant, unbearably tense and I went to bed very very depressed. Are they really doing a sequel?! Have no idea how that would work.


Stupid but entertaining things on netflix to watch hungover (already seen hunt for the wilderpeople) hook me up with some recos


No I’ve not… I just read a bit about Pynchon there, sounds cool. Which of his books would you recommend as a starting point?
I’ll watch IV again in the next few weeks.


Colin Farrell is excellent in The Lobster.
His best work has always been in smaller character driven stories (Intermission, In Bruges) compared to some of the blockbuster dirge he’s been in.
My son & I are counting down for Thor Ragnarok!


Tucker and Dale vs Evil


or tbh I found the Rebound very entertaining, people here will disagree tho


We ended up watching zombieland. It was fine and exactly the sort of thing I fancied


thats on Mubi!!!


You know I’ve watched Intermission so many times and I always forget he’s in it as well as Cillian Murphy and Brendan Gleeson! Such a fab little film. Goes without saying that In Bruges is a masterpiece :slight_smile:


me and some pals ended up watching ‘Heartbeats’ the other week. pure garbage m8.


A Ghost Story - Really liked this a lot. It looks and sounds gorgeous, so subtle and understated and poignant. It’s got sixth-former’s-favourite-film written all over it and the one misstep was the self-indulgent monologue about death and symphonies etc which felt heavy handed and signposted a few of the themes in a way that almost undermined them. It’s really fucking good though, go and see it.

I did feel bad for the handful of walkouts in my screening though, can very much imagine going to the cinema, thinking you were going in to some horror thing and then ending up with a ten minute scene of Rooney Mara eating a pie


He’s good in the Beguiled too


Zombieland is a perfect repeat-watch film. Love it. Especially Harrelson.


I’ve only actually read The Crying of Lot 49 and am tackling Gravitys Rainbow now. Crying was a great intro for me as it’s weird and odd and unique but still very short, so you don’t get lost trying to follow all the story threads because it finishes quite quickly. So I’d say start there, doesn’t take much time investment and it’ll give you an idea of if you can handle his style or not.


How come? Only like 70 pages in so far so now spoilers but…a tearjerker?