The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



good choice. I might only start watching films someone has mentioned in here


sure, it doesn’t have the gag rate of, say, Airplane!, but in general I think Buñuel is pretty funny. besides, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie is ranked much higher.


This is a pretty good list. All of my fave comedies are there. (To Be or Not to Be, Trouble in Paradise, Step Brothers, Spinal Tap, Kind Hearts, Holy Grail)


If that list were an ice cream flavor, it’d be pralines and dick.


Forgot about Dumb and Dumber actually. List is void.


you can understand why DCotB is in ther ebut Exterminating Angel isnt a comedic film


Amazing innit. Especially that long take when they’re driving on the road.

“Peter Bogdanovich has said that the long, one-take sequence where Addie and Moze fight in the car about running out of Bibles took 2 days and 39 takes to get right. It was shot on a one-mile stretch of road just before hitting a very modern portion of the town, so each time a line was flubbed, they would have to turn everything around and drive back.”


Such a great film


No Hot Rod, no Home Alone, no Groundhog Day, no The Sure Thing, no Trains PLanes and Automobiles, no Ferris, No National Lampoons Vacation

and The Party does not contain a single laugh in the entire running time


Groundhog Day is number 4! Good point about TPA though, that should be there.



thought I’d checked the list properly but obviously not


and Elf, what about Elf!!

(might be on there, can’t be bothered to check again)


Playtime totally deserves its ranking there, masterpiece frankly - and much more interesting from a visual angle than many comedies.

That said Blazing Saddles is about 15 places too low.


Agreed on both counts!

Playtime is amazing (all the Tati films on there are)


No Role Models = shit list


Massive outs to the parent who took their 2 (very young) children to A Ghost Story at the Genesis in Stepney last night. both of whom were clearly bored out of their mind. Always good to treat the cinema as a babysitter.

Really enjoyed the film, loved the pace and feel of it and even the more tedious bits (the pie) didn’t feel outsaying their welcome. Sad I didn’t notice Ke$ha though.




Has anyone seen Once Upon A Time In America?


Years ago (I was pretty young) and I found it boring as fuck. I always did say that I’d give it another go someday but just can’t bring myself to


Saw Atomic Blonde last night, enjoyed it more than I expected even though it did feel like it was trying to be two different types of film at times. I normally get really bored by the time films reach the big action sequences but this one kept me interested, perhaps it was knowing that Theron did all her own stunts, which quite frankly makes her a complete badass - spent a lot of the film wondering why I don’t look as cool as her. Completely unnecessary lesbian scenes and boob shots however .