The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Good enough for me! Ill swerve it


Agree with Lo-Pan. All I can remember of it from the cinema is that it went on for bloody ages and that I missed my last train.


It’s good but very long and somewhat bizarrely the DVD set tells you to put in the 2nd disk halfway through a scene.


I watched The Passenger which I loved really. It is slow but its not unnecessarily so

These Final Hours which I alao really enjoyed. Bit of a sucker for end of the world stuff


I watched it recently when I had a Friday night to myself. I think it’s worth seeing, personally.

Watched all 269 minutes and ate a whole chicken from Chicken Shop.


its the length that puts me off! Im gonna slog through this 4 hour one on Mubi fiorst then consider it


The Passenger is ok, some great sequences. but I think it pales in comparison to his Italian work I think.


Oh yeah i agree but all Id heard a lot of negativity and enjoyed it more than I thought


Hope this is good, Linklater has been on a roll over the last few years


did you not see Everybody Wants Some?


I did, thought it was fantastic


You’ve just reminded me that Boyhood exists and that I watched it, you fucking prick


One of the best films of the decade so far


Moderately interesting concept ruined by being excruciatingly dull and having one of the least likeable leads in anything ever


But enough about your weekend!


Riding bikes with people from is absolutely not an interesting concept




I’m on kiyone’s side here. Loved it.


Not seen it. But as long as we’re all in complete agreement that boyhood’s shit then that’s fine



Made my first trip to Peckhamplex last night (love it) to see this, a really great doc that starts out as being about a recording studio in suburban Philadelphia but then a major event happens to the gentleman that runs it and his family that turns it into a very different film indeed.

Interesting that Boyhood is just being discussed above as this spans over 8 years (the entirety of Obama’s presidency) and follows the family through many obstacles in their lives. The director gives its subject plenty of room to breathe and that is returned with the family being very generous with what they allow to be filmed and how much their lay their hearts on their sleeves. Think it only has a limited release but will hopefully get a wider audience at home because its really really great (and miles better than Boyhood).