The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Detroit. Stressful, fuck the police


Death Note. Properly rubz rhis. Read the managa when I was a teenager and loved the premise, was also a fan of ‘You’re Next’ so was looking forward to it, but its just really poorly executed. The lead actor is terrible, music cues are terrible, loads of stupid dutch angles instead of any real visual flair. Lakeith Stanfield tries his best but it doesn’t quite work. There’s a really terrible foot chase which is basically comedic in how much people bump in to stuff.

Don’t bother/10


Logan Lucky - it was fine. Nice to have Soderbergh back making movies but given his history of this style of film it was more Oceans 13 (thanks to Seth McFarlane) than Out of Sight.


Soderbergh directed that? It looks bloody awful


Watched Triple 9 which was quite good fun atually if a bit too long. Woody Harrelson is a bad actor though


Yep- went in not knowing anything about it on the basis it was him. Nothing he’s not done better before.


The trailer makes it seem some wacky headache which put me off - same with that new Tom Cruise one

Any one on here subscribe to the BFI player?


I rewatched Shivers but man it was not as good as I remember it being. I’ve got Boogie Nights and 10 Rillington Place from my movie rental thing.


Agreed, was OK but was no Ocean’s Eleven. Best bit was the telling the prisoners that George R. R. Martin hasn’t finished the series yet


Detroit - not as good as Zero Dark Thirty but very good all the same. I saw someone on Twitter saying they walked out during the Algiers raid calling it ‘torture porn’. Found that baffling to be honest, it’s a rough watch but it’s not THAT bad.

John Krasinski playing one of the bad guys was all kinds of weird :frowning:


Loved that, very funny! :grin:


Torture porn? That persons gonna lose their shit if they ever watch Schindler list.

The Algiers scene is very shocking but not excessive or graphic.


Going to see this in a bit, will report back. Mad cast of people involved.




Boogie Nights - not sure if i liked this or not. Obviously i’m 20 years late to the party but it wasnt really what i was expecting. It started off so goofy, almost slapstick at times and then when it got dark if felt quite a weird transition. Thought for a film that is considered a technical marvel that it was pretty wobbly in places. I did properly belly laugh at the first brock landers film though in spite of myself. And they all live happily ever after? Ooooook.


William H. Macy didn’t.


There’s been a bit of a backlash in the States about this as many writers, nearly all PoC, have had the same objection. I think the main point was that it didn’t need to go on for as long as it did as s lot of people in the states knew the story already and didn’t feel it needed to be so drawn out. Haven’t seen it yet so can’t comment myself.


Finally watched Elle, I know there was a fair bit of chat about it on here earlier this year and I think I fall somewhere between the two camps. I thought it was a supremely well made film and Isabelle Huppert was sensational, but I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with the way the relationship with the rapist developed, and that the son is the one who kills him. I really struggled to understand what point it was making, and I think a film with such shocking violence and themes needs to have a clearer line.

Found all the family and friends stuff really good and could have just watched that film too.


Whilst I didn’t walk out I kind of pondered about why a story that was about systemic racism and police brutality seemed to be so focused on depicting the violence that occurred and spent so little time explaining the social and material circumstances that lay behind the riot.

I had no idea what to actually expect since I hadn’t seen any trailers, but if I went into the film expecting a nuanced take on the Detroit riots I might have come away thinking it was considerably closer to torture porn.


That’s a bit like saying that 12 Years a Slave should have spent more time going into a detailed history of the slave trade and less time depicting slaves being beaten/whipped/hung etc.