The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Except 12 Years A Slave was actually based on a memoir so providing a persons perspective on various incidents makes sense as a directorial decision.

If Detroit was supposed to be specifically about the Hotel Algiers incident why not just call it that rather than actually naming it after a city and setting it during the time of the riots?


watched The Circle (Netflix one) which isnt as bad as people made out, but its basically an uninteresting Black Mirror rip off really. 5/10, nothing to hate just very thin

Casualties of War which was quite harrowing


presume it’s fine to chat about documentaries in here too? If so Banking On Bitcoin, which is currently on Netflix is well worth a watch as it’s as much a story about concerns about currency in general following 2008 as it is about bitcoin.


I had that feeling too tbh, obviously it’s not bad in content but the physiological aspect of that almost hour long scene is pretty tough going


Not sure if it has to have an easy explaination, troubling subject or no


Just realized that this was 5 (!) years ago. Might be fun to do it again?


How the hell did we use those boards for so long?


Anyway, we could but I’m not sure how different the results would be


Enjoyed Logan Lucky, although it is essentially a slight, straight to VOD work. Daniel Craig looks to be enjoying himself.

Good GOT joke.


Atomic Blonde last night.

I rarely go to the cinema these days, so when I do I usually try to ensure it’s something I’m fairly certain I’m going to enjoy. Instead, got dragged to this by my mate who recently also dragged me to see John Wick 2 (basically his missus refuses to go see action films with him anymore). As such, I had low expectations.

Was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this therefore. The period setting is stylistically very pleasing, with the fashions being bang on. Usual smattering of top 80s tunes - the 80s really were the only period in history that other nations listened to German music weren’t they? The spy vs spy plot features probably several too many twists and it’s a little long, but the action keeps coming throughout, the supporting cast are decent and it just looks so good. This is also augmented by Charlize Theron being an absolute clothes horse and some reasonably gratuitous nude scenes - that said, Theron was producer on this so presumably she’s in control of her own image.


LA 92

Account of the LA riots made solely of archive news footage, but done really nicely. I remember seeing some of the footage on the news when it happened but some of the clips they’ve dug out are incredibly hard hitting. Well worth seeing.


Sounds similar to June 17th, 1994


Not heard of that. Will check it out.


It’s excellent, very much recommended


Just back from seeing Detroit and I thought it was fantastic. The same story as always but never fails to leave me angry and sad at the state of the world. Had been apprehensive after seeing the 2 hour + running time and the phrase ‘torture porn’ chucked around a lot but I never thought it strayed into gratuitous violence at all. Essential viewing.
Will spend this evening reading up on some of the criticism it’s received, from people much more informed than me to comment on the subject matter.



Who did you go about watching them? They’re shown on ESPN right?


Yeah although quite a few used to be on YouTube


Watched Wonder Boys last night - some very good performances (especially Mr Maguire) but it didn’t really hang together that much for me. Didn’t understand a lot of character motivations or actions. Plus Katie Holmes was basically a professor’s idealised student right - young, comely, talented, super into you. Bit weird.


Watched Detroit. Thought it was good but the pacing was a bit over the place and it was too long. John Boyega’s character was a bit underwritten, seemed to spend half the film just stood there. Will Poulter was really great

The Love Witch - really loved this. Thought it looked amazing and had the perfect blend of intrigue, “sexyness” and thrills. It’s put on the wiki it’s a comedy which i don’t get

also got an hour left of Extraordinary Stories