The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Been watching some old films that I’ve somehow never seen before

Tin Men - this was bloody great, not as good as Diner (obvs) but Dreyfus was SO good and I just think Levinson is so good at writing these very down to earth storylines about often not-very-nice humans that are also very funny.

Casablanca - again think someone in this thread inspired this but yeah it was obviously bloody great.

Assault on Precient 13 - not knowing much about this I really enjoyed how much it was like a western. Really sparse and spooky. Obviously the best soundtrack ever. Title bugged me throughout however.

Stand By Me - again, wonderful film. Especially River Phoenix :cry:

Anyway, great lil list of ‘classics’ there


Patti Cake$ - Not sure this really knew what it was trying to be tbh. Flitted between an attempt at a gritty, poverty character study but surrounded it with really broad charicatures and comedy bits that didn’t land at all. Danielle MacDonald was very good though.

Detroit - Thought it was absolutely superb. Boyega was excellent but a bit peripheral and Poulter was absolutely unbelievably good. Thought it suffered a bit from having to spend so much time with the actual Algiers scene as the build-up and fall-out felt rushed in comparison, it could have made an excellent mini-series IMO. Love Bigelow’s ability to make you feel like you’re actually there on the ground with the characters in her films, it should be really straightforward to do but nobody ever nails it like she manages to.


Possibly my most watched film ever (apart from maybe Home Alone but we were all 8 years old once)


I too loved The Love Witch. It’s a film that is mis-described as ‘camp’ or a ‘comedy’ and it really isn’t. It’s played absolutely dead straight and there are no nods to the audience at all.


yeah I didn’t get it. Thought it did a wonderful job of evoking the spirit of 70s films without ever seeming like a parody or pastiche. Every scene looks so meticulously designed, and the colours are as good as anything since Suspiria really


Made a rare trip to the cinema yesterday, saw Dunkirk. I was kind of expecting it to be really excessive and long, so I was pleasantly surprised at how lean it was, it zipped along at a good pace. Not a classic or anything, but enjoyable.

This has probably been the case for years now, but the trailers beforehand were all for superhero films and they all looked abysmal.


Assault on Precient 13 - … Title bugged me throughout however.

Um… Wolfcastle?


I looked into it after and it was just a distributor decidion to change the title or something just because it ‘sounded better’? Not only does then whole thing take place in Preceint 9, it says Preceint 14 above the door of the station!


Aw god that Black Panther one looks so bad and Justice League looks so unentertaining its remarkable


‘Looks so bad’

There’s been one perfectly OK trailer. It has a good cast and a good director.


A good cast and a good director means nothing tbh, not gonna suddenly think a trailer looks good cause Tim from The Office is in it


He will be the worse thing in it I imagine.

Justice League does look shite I’ll give you that.


Spent yesterday afternoon watching The Handmaiden…it’s got such a classic feel and is so sweepingly, aesthetically sublime. Ticked all my boxes basically (oo err).


I think this is because the real guy it’s based on basically just “stood there” and received death threats as a result. There are lots of things that film should have made clearer tbh


anyone seen the woodsman and the rain? seems pretty lowkey but won a few jury prizes and has koji yakusho in it who might be my favourite actor. gonna watch it 2nite prob.


I suppose. Just seems he is getting a lot of praise baaed on his name alone really. Hes not bad but he isnt a standout by any means


yeah I’d agree with that but then it’s generally a bit overrated?


Japanese lumberjack movies are where it’s at. There’s one called Wood Job! that I like a lot.


added to my rental list!


Gods Own Country - absolutely adored it. Loads of subtext, several beautiful understated moments, stunning cinematography and the two lead performances are so fucking good. Top 5 of the year, easily.