The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



I’ve seen the film loads of time and never noticed the precinct isn’t precinct 13

Am I very dense?


Did not disappoint


did you like it? the most annoying thing with it (and clouds…) was that there was a half decent film in there to be made but this assayas geezer can’t decide if he wants to be a good filmmaker or m night shyamalan


Watched the Full Monty for the first time last night as it’s on iPlayer - solid film, really good performances from Tom Wilkinson and Robert Baratheon in particular, and of course Robert Carlyle channeling a young Jay from the Inbetweeners

EDIT: also couldn’t believe that it was the highest-grossing UK film ever before Titanic - off a £3.5m budget! pretty incredible that


And nominated for Best Picture/Director at the Oscars


Oh yeah, and it led to Mark Addy briefly attempting a Hollywood career (terrible Michael Keaton family film Jack Frost, decent Heath Ledger film A Knight’s Tale)


Remember this?



despite having probably seen that scene thousands of time over the years, it still made me laugh


Literally look up a few posts from yours and you’ll see how much I disliked it


Yeah i did see it before but idk you seemed like i was being edgy or something. You liked clouds of sils maria right?


nah, just enjoyed it because I thought you might agree!

I’ve not seen it


Love Witch made me laugh plenty enough to count as a dark comedy I’d say - especially the whining man-baby noises the guy she was poisoning made. Absolutely one of my fav from last year either way, very weird and looked amazing. One women basically did it all too - writing, direction, production, cosines, music, set designs etc…


Anne Biller’s doing an adaptation of ‘Bluebeard’ next, in the same style.


Colour me interested


watched gibney’s zero days. interesting stuff, but i can’t see him topping the scientology documentary tbh.


Finally got round to A Ghost Story, which I liked a lot despite a few things. Casey Affleck’s affected indie film voice is the most irritating thing ever (there’s a bit where Big Roo asks him a question and his answer is just an incomprehensible “murpy meep moop” noise) and some bits go on far too long but when it hits the high notes it really shines. Some woman left my screening in floods of tears during the pie eating scene, not sure what that was all about.


finished Extraordinary Stories. wasnt that extraordinary



just to clarify : that was a like to the response to the review, not the review.


Saw The Big Sick yesterday quite enjoyed I did ponder about the portrayal of Pakistani women at one point but in a way, particularly with the woman near the end it almost seemed like their depiction was part of a wider critique on culture and also Kumal’s perception of that culture rather than specific individuals.

I wasn’t actually aware that it was based on a true story so I was almost resigned to them not getting back together near the end either way thoroughly enjoyed it.