The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Trailer for this year’s Palme d’Or winner, though it’s not out here until the spring


Can’t wait for the inevitable next step, an origin story for HAL 9000


London Film Festival tickets go on sale to BFI members in half an hour.

I’m looking forward to getting angry at their website already…




Anything good on?


Nothing at all.

Programme’s here:


I know it’s Buzzfeed but this is a pretty interesting article on Charlize Theron


Yes. Every single year. The main reason I stopped renewing my membership.


Saw this guy on the tube earlier. Made me :slight_smile:


tbf its a charity, they probably can’t afford to pay for whatever to speed up the website for one day a year


It’s 1975 and Haldon, a prodigious 12-year-old AI with big dreams of changing the world, has just started AI high school. However Haldon soon finds life as a young AI is anything but plain sailing as he has struggles with AI bullies, an unrequited crush on the prettiest AI in the school and an alcoholic AI dad who wants Haldon to follow in his footsteps to be an all-star AI quarterback. Hal must discover who he is and his place in the world before making the leap into the unknown. Featuring Frankie Muniz as the voice of Haldon and Jacob Tremblay as Dave.


Thought the yellow pole was a yard of weiß bier then


No problems booking Film Festival.

April’s Daughter
The Shape of Water
Brawl in Cell Block 99
Killing of a Sacred Deer
Happy End
Ex Libris: New York Public Library



the shape of water is getting very very good reviews. can’t wait for that one.


F/X 2, not watched it in years, still decent/10


I’m treating it as Abe Sapien movie, whatever anyone else says.


As a Del Toro movie I’m quite prepared for it to look lovely but be a bit underwhelming. Looking forward to the Haneke.


Went to see ‘the limehouse golem’ last night. Was surprisingly watchable, and well worth the price of admission for this

IRISH CATHOLIC NUN: you’re not fit to lick the boots of… Karl Marx!

Which was followed by a depiction of Karl Marx sawing of someone’s head

AND it featured the immortal line ‘lizzy wished the Jews a sudden death!’


the pie eating scene took me through a range of emotions. vascillated between those and “no, I’m already full, stop eating ffs”

I have more to say on the film, I literally just saw it tho and need to have a think about it.


Something clicked to take me from a ‘like’ to a ‘love’ after a couple of days of sitting with it actually, moreso than any other film I’ve seen in ages.