The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



more A Ghost Story thoughts:

immediate thought after leaving the screen: the warmth and solidarity of the rest of the cinema is very comforting after the painful transience of the film.

the scene with Will Oldham in (loved it) made me want to resist that, to grab onto something real, but then the lingering of ghosty Affleck made me want to let go really badly. it was such a relief at the end when his sheet emptied

ffs spoiler isn’t working.


Still the one part of it that I just can’t get onboard with. Just signposted things in such an explicit, obnoxiously expository way when the film was so quiet and contemplative and subtle up to that point.


yeah? it felt like something that I needed to think about when I was trying to get a grip on it whilst watching. but then maybe that was also the transience making me feel uneasy?

I do want to mull it over a bit, for sure it feels like that kind ot film.


What do you reckon was written on the piece of paper? ‘Ghost wanker’ for me Clive.


I felt like it was meant to be kind of obnoxious though? like… guy making a big deal out of this thing that everybody already knows. and this nihilistic viewpoint being in opposition to the feeling of Casey the Ghost, in how he was hanging on to what meant something to him.

but that was just the way I received it.


I liked that bit. Kinda reminded me of when a random guy turns up in a Shakespeare play and does a big cryptic speech and then fucks off. (although Will Oldham wasn’t as cryptic or as hilarious)


Yeah, I get that he wasn’t supposed to appear profound or anything like that it’s just the way it signposted the business with the melody of the main song just made it retrospectively feel like a lengthy scene of bludgeoning the film’s themes home which was completely at odds with everything that surrounded it.


I want to come up with a good joke, Jez, but I want to hold onto that as a meaningful bit of the film for at least a few days. hope you understand.


Milk, eggs, bog-roll, onions


Can’t have multiple paragraphs inside one spoiler tag. Realised you have to put a tag round each one.


I don’t think the film was all that subtle anyway, tbqh. it already felt pretty obvious?


I do indeed understand my friend.


Think you’re getting confused with the end of Lost in Translation.


this was the last showing at HOME, so I figure I’m good anyway in terms of not ruining it for anybody. thanks for the heads up, though


It was the specifics of that young girl in the settlers bit humming the melody of the song he ends up writing at a later stage which particularly grated in how he basically explicitly stated it before it had happened in the film tbh


oh right… I didn’t pick up on that. I thought the song he made was pure rubs anyway?

idk. I liked it, but I wanted to sink into the house feeling a bit more. I really loved all that, just the way it looked like old photos of a house. I wish it could have been a bit more subtle, the whole thing?

(also, I wish the couple next to me had stopped whispery talking sooner, but w/e.)

big fan of the ghost communcation bits being both funny and sad.

I already feel like I need to watch it again? I’d like to watch it with somebody else I actually know.


I think the collective tension of watching a film like that in a cinema is part of why I needed to sit with it for a while. There was a tangible sense of “what the fuck are we watching?” from about 50% of my screening which I could empathise with to a degree if they’d turned up, seen the poster and title and gone in hoping for a horror film.

Didn’t like the song at the time either but I’m enjoying it a lot now as a means of reliving the film a bit.


there were maybe ten of us watching it at this screening? last one, so I feel like people knew what they were in for and wanted to see it. people were quiet for the rest of the film, that kind of pure attentive silence, which was good.

I’m gonna go walk around and think about it a bit more now.


Saw The Truth which was reet good


further thoughts:

I was thinking a lot about how… I really cling on to the past in a big way. objects. visual memories of really small, subtle things. and I find it troubling how lonely your own personal memory is, how it diverges even from those you shared certain times with.

I really felt this strongly coming across from Ghost Casey’s frustrated lingering.