The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



oh yeah! and I was also thinking on about another aspect of transience, the way even something really profoundly emotional can just slip out of your mind, given enough time.


watched The Mist again last night, it’s proper good

has anyone seen the TV series, is it as shit as it seems/


it’s really weird, when i was younger i was quite a fey arthouse type but as i get older i’ve realised i’m much more interested in a film if there’s at least one gun in it tbh. like if there’s a high chance of stylish violence, i am much more likely to watch a film.


IT. Not very scary but still enjoyable thanks to great performances by the kids. Quite liked how all the adult characters were far creepier than all the clown stuff.


i thought some of the imagery was super creepy but it relied a bit too much on jump scares after the 1/2 way mark. still thought it was great.



Enjoyable film, really well executed with some genuine moments of terror (the projector scene and the visit to the house). Was more of an Amblin adventure with horror elements then an out and out horror film which I thought was a good approach.

The kids were all well developed apart from the kid who’s only personality is that he’s Jewish and the most scared? Thought that was a bit odd. The adults were all properly horrid especially Eddie’s mum. Overall whilst I thought it was a strong film, it lacked something to make it original, rather than just effective.

7/10 Clive


IT has scored an opening weekend of over $100 million in the US. That just seems nuts, was the marketing campaign really that good?


Wind River

Decent, and Jeremy Renner is great in it, but it’s not in the same league as Sicario or Hell or High Water. I think one major problem was Elizabeth’s Olsen character is pretty much a passenger for the whole film. At least Emily Blunt being sidelined in the final act of Sicario made narrative sense, but there seems to be little point for Olsen’s character being there at all other than to get rescued


Marketing good, but also it seems to have hit some kind of nostalgic nerve.

The original TV series of IT seems to be much more fondly remembered than you would have thought if you saw it at the time.

This film is right place, right time and more importantly, they haven’t fucked it up.


Yeah I also think the popularity of Stranger Things and that daft killer clown craze last year has helped hype film too


that and the film is the best of the month tbh


No way, it’s clearly that Charlie Sheen September 11th film or the Flatliners remake


Is this a real thing?


Ellen Page :frowning: No wonder actors don’t come out.




err what?


Was just commenting on the standard of films she’s been in since she came out, I don’t think it’s a coincidence she seems to have vanished.


Oh… isn’t a lot of Hollywood gay?




This is one of the stupidest things ever written on DiS