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Quite odd isn’t it


Um…OK, sorry.


Isn’t it just referencing the thing that supposedly a lot of actors in Hollywood feel they can’t come out as they worry it’ll effect their casting opportunities.




Oh I’m not denying there isn’t potential prejudices, I’m just not sure she has “disappeared”. Her only big films are inception and x-men and even they are intermittent. She’s always been in “smaller” films and chooses to be in those kinda projects. Idk though none of us know her


watched Tuvalu last night in an old swimming pool converted to a theatre, soundtracked by a live band
up there with my best cinematic experiences


The woodsman and the rain - enjoyed this. A very low-key japanese comedy with koji yakusho who is excellent. Parts were hysterical especially in the first hour. Woylllould be a good hangover film.

The autopsy of jane doe - didnt like this. Thought the central idea waa good but it relied too much on jump scares and the twist was kind of eyeroll-y. (Sorry witches!)


Going to go and see Wind River tomorrow night. Looking forward to it given that Hell or High Water was such a stonking film.


Rewatched A Few Good Men. Still excellent, though I intended only watching for ‘You Can’t Handle…’. I had forgotten how many people were in it. Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland. A real who’s who of late 80s/early 90s star power.

The only let down was a cheesemongous line towards the end that made me wince, but there you go.


Dont forget james hurley! Love that film.


I had to look him up, to my shame.

Cuba Gooding Jr, Noah Wyle as well as Christopher Guest. I forgot those too.


IT - thought it was a lot of fun, although not particularly scary. Thought that Pennywise looked a bit too CGI, to the point that I forgot it was an actor but didn’t deract from my enjoyment despite having the worst cinema audience for a very long time (do not go to Peckhamplex on a Friday night)

Tom of Finland - Well, I didn’t do my homework as I thought this was a documentary about ToF so was confused when the film opens with a war narrartive. First half is fine but then drops off a cliff when a ridiculous subplot about his biggest fan emerges. Also for a film about Tom of Finland, it was alarmingly unsexy and felt squarely aimed at the straight audience. Waste of time.

Raving Iran Great doc about 2 techno DJs hosting underground parties in Iran (where electronic music is forbidden) and the hoops they have to jump through just to throw a party. Complained to staff in the Rio cinema as they showed 40 minutes of adverts, because I am apparently middle aged now.


Let’s get the overall DiSopinion of IT (2017)

  • Very good
  • Decent
  • Not great
  • Baa-aa-aad

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Wind River - Quite good but disappointed as I was expecting for a bit more from it. Was a very competently put together and performed thriller but it was also disappointingly generic. Elizabeth Olsen’s character was really underwritten and Renner’s was just a very one-note ‘exceptionally good guy’ (almost to a white saviour point of view tbh given the setting). Decent but wanted more.



Thought this was excellent. I had avoided any trailers because I knew I was going to see it for sure. Given the title and the way the film unfurls I was expecting it to be an interweaving narrative telling the whole story of the riots, rather than one incident, but think the focus story really worked.

Will Poulter was excellent, but the standout out for me Algee Smith as the singer. He showed such great range and I’m looking forward to seeing him in more. Odd just how many British and Irish actors were in a story that is so American. Poulter, John Boyega, Hannah Murray and Jack Reynor.

Really feel that people complaining about torture porn missed the point completely. You are supposed to feel deeply uncomfortable because these are things that are still happening today, and I thought the film served as a very powerful reminder of that.

9/10, never going to watch it again.


Logan Lucky

Watchable and entertaining, relatively forgettable though.

Limehouse Golem
Really enjoyed this. although the twist was pretty obvious I still got carried along with the story. Thought it looked great with good performances. A lot gorier than I expected.


With regards to the torture porn bit I agree. Surely for something to be torture porn it needs be within the exploitation film bracket and really be the focus.

I can help but think that if Schinder’s List was released today you’d get loads of comment is free and tumblr blogs saying it was exploitative and gratuitous and torture porn. Sign of the times I guess.


Can’t really speak for anyone else but my own view of the “torture porn” aspect of the film is kind of explained by your first paragraph and Atlantic’s review.


Nothing wrong with complaining about that.