The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Watched quite a few films in the past week. Here are some boring reviews:

  1. Detroit- Thought it was a good film but seemed too long, which I also found with Zero Dark Thirty. As everyone else has already said, John Boyega and Will Poulter are both excellent.

  2. Mindhorn- Started out quite disappointing as it seemed like an Alan Partridge rehash, particularly Alpha Papa and the Jed Maxwell episode. Got much funnier towards the end though. Still nowhere near as good as Julian Barratt last TV series, Flowers though.

  3. Anthropoid- Was vaguely aware of the story as I’d read about it when I visited Prague. Was a very tense and interesting film, but the second half was probably the bleakest thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

  4. Mars Attacks!- The first time I’ve watched it in ages and even better than I remember it being. The scenes with Tom Jones saving the day are hilarious


IT - Load of old arse really isn’t it. The kids were very good, I liked the kids-solving-a-mystery parts quite a lot. All of the horror bits are just too silly for me though. CGI is inherently unscary and comical IMhonestO.


Why have they done so much CGI? Like on the clown even?


Dunno mate. It just made it all look cheap and silly IMO but I have a low tolerance for horror stuff generally tbh so it doesn’t take much for me to give it the ol’ Dragons Den “ahm oot”


Think that’s done it for me. Cant cba with a cgi shitefest.


Xavier Dolan seems nice


Finally got around to A Ghost Story. Really enjoyed it despite a) a bloke loudly snoring all the way through it and b) the light levels in the cinema being so bright that you could hardly make out what was on the screen.


Nothing bad there really?


I watched The Innocents which is really creepy, such an odd atmosphere to it. Really good, if a little overlong


Just seems a bit humourless.


tbf he is replying to someone taking the piss out of him, and there’s another section to the conversation where it is more lighthearted


I watched Man of Steel the other night and despite some ludicrous bits I actually quite enjoyed it.

Gonna watch the 3 hour version of Batman vs Superman today (I have time on my hands) - will report back.


Good luck with Batman vs. Superman, I fell asleep in the cinema whilst watching the theatrical version.


Hope you get better soon chief :wink:


Ha yeah I imagine I will be making good use of the pause button at least.

Might watch the 3 hour Watchmen afterwards actually.


The Lobster. Was really impressed - it’s an amazing film with meaning on pretty much every level and I also found it surprisingly disturbing/scary. Sci-fi hasn’t made me feel like that in some time.


Saw this last week too. Felt it lost it’s way a bit in the third act, but as you say, unsettlingand really well put together. Would like to see more modern films put together with that kind of absurdist black-comedy vibe; It’s something that’s been sorely missing from cinema in recent years.


Almost the very definition of ‘a film of two halves’. First half really good, decent ideas, looks as though it’s going somewhere then the second half is just a tedious trudge with Rachel Weisz moping around in a forest.


I know what you mean - it certainly changed focus, and the initial parts were a lot more interesting - I see the last part as completing the thought that lies at the heart of the film, so while it wasn’t as compelling, it was still necessary.


Bit weird that a) he’s found a tweet that wasn’t directed at him in the first place and b) decided to follow it up. Would hope he has better things to do.