The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Did you watch it at my grandad’s house?


I hope you’ve seen Dogtooth. It’s better in basically every way.


Nope! I’ll be rectifying that shortly!


Rewatched Fish Story, a Japanese film about how an obscure proto-punk single saves the world from a giant comet forty years after it was recorded. It’s brilliant, exactly the sort of thing we need to have Moviedrome back for.


just watched this :cry:


Bit devastating isn’t it?!


I just looked up Anthropoid assuming it was what they renamed the HHhH film, but apparently that’s called ‘The Man With The Iron Heart’. So weird that 2 films came out about the same fairly obscure subject in the same year. Will give them both a watch.


Okay, late to the film party once again, but just got back from seeing IT. The Losers are very likeable and they definitely carry the film - I’d like to know more about them really, there was a lot of broad strokes. It was amazingly cathartic to watch them kick the shit out of their fears at the end. It’s difficult to make someone with a ruff scary though!


Watched The Captive. Its got shit reviewa but I really enjoyed it, found it quite compelling.

Raw which I loved.


LFF tickets on general sale now. Everything I wanted to see seemed to be half empty. Got tickets for The Endless, Small Town Crime and Happy End.


Got tickets for happy end. Cheers!


What day you going? I’ve decided to be decadent and take the Friday off work.


Yeah that fri 13th :ghost: seems to be the only one left. Few things id rather do than see a new haneke movie tbh. Will just mug work off.


when Amour came out I took a half day at work to see it. Told everyone I had the dentist


Dead skint atm but booked some daytime student tickets for Haigh’s Lean on Pete and Barnard’s Dark River. Two of my favourite directors atm, can’t wait.


Saw God’s Own Country yesterday and thought it was magnificent. Amazing to think this is a debut film, so assured: sensual, smart, emotional filmmaking. Too early to say but maybe film of the year for me.


Is Lean On Pete based on the Willy Vlautin book? About a boy and a horse? It was a good book, reckon I’d be interested in a film.


It is, yeah. Directed by the guy who did Weekend/45 Years - got some great early reviews at Venice.



Excellent casting and location scouting. The aerial shots of the kids booking through town on their bikes were lovely and The Barrens looked perfect.
Bev was amazing, the scene when she’s trying to explain what happened in the bathroom to her dad was phenomenal.
I liked Pennywise and that painting lady. I guess I’m now desensitised to decent CGI because it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

No one said “beep beep, Richie” except Pennywise for no apparent reason. I’m guessing they cut that whole phrase out in editing. Still, bit shoddy eh.
Too many jump scares and the pace was relentless - reckon they could have got rid of Stanley to create a bit more room for the other kids.
Overall enjoyed it. Glad it’s doing well.


Detroit was really good. I could have done without a) the “not all white police officers” guy who found Larry after he’d left the motel. Just…no. b) The film (written and directed by white people) seeming to blame Dismukes for not doing enough to stop what was happening? Might have just been my reading of it, but it felt very poorly judged.