The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread




I didnt mind the first or third Saw.

The new one has such a dumb twist, ita worth reading up


Watched Me and Earl and The Dying Girl which was a lot lot better than I expected


I think that film got a bit of a raw deal. People went overly nuts for it at Sundance and by the time it came out the knives were very much out. There are flaws for sure (not least in how Earl’s family and where he lives are portrayed) but it has some really lovely moments too. The scene with The Big Ship playing had me in tears.


I think it being lumped with the Fault in Our Stars demographic hindered it really but I found it sweet and quite moving. Also really liked how the films thr boys make are based on are varied (saw references to Z, Contempt, Aguirre, Seconds etc) so fair play on that


Saw it on a plane and really enjoyed it.


Watched Tucker and Dale vs. Evil last night. A good fun horror-comedy, 7.5/10.


Yeah that Big Ship scene was intense. Really liked that film overall, I think that as a young-adult indie film with quirky characters it was always going to attract some flak but it was genuinely funny and affecting and avoided most of the obvious tropes and stereotypes.


just watched this and yeah.

thought rachel weisz was in it. she is not.


In the last week or so I’ve seen:

The Party - some genuine laughs, but mostly I found it way over the top and full of one-dimesionally awful characters. Also seemed pretty smug and self-satisfied.

The Death of Stalin - again disappointed me a little, a lot of bleakness and scheming and backstabbing without either the exuberance or the pathos that The Thick Of It and In The Loop brought.

Call Me By Your Name - fuck, so good. Saw it this afternoon and I still feel pretty mesmerised by it. Just so lush and expansive and sensual, and in the end incredibly moving. It felt so unhurried, everything looked stunning (really want to go to Italy and have long wine-fuelled lunches now) and the lead performance was amazing.


Shame The Square isn’t out here for ages, seems to be getting really Marmite reviews in the US


Saw Psycho for the first time ever, with the Scottish National orchestra playing the score live. Was a pretty great experience and I definitely want to see more films performed in a similar style. For the film itself, I actually knew almost nothing about it beforehand somehow. Obviously the shower scene (but I thought it happened a lot earlier, rather than like halfway through) and the main twist, but I only remembered that just as it was being revealed.

Pretty amazing, killing off a main character in that way and having the perspective of the film totally shift is something that would still be notable and unusual today. Really enjoyed the acting apart from maybe the most dramatic moments, pretty low key and noirish in parts. Guy who plays Norman was amazing, such a great contrast from the creepily intense moments to the boyish, warm and charming ones.

Only downside was a sort of self-satisfied laughter that popped up a few times (just like people have described happening during The Party). People were laughing pre-emptively at the big reveals and any of the clunky dialogue moments (He’s a transvestite!) which was pretty irritating as a first time viewer. It’s a film that more than stands up today, and there was an air of it not being taken all that seriously at times. But didn’t really detract much, and the film was much funnier, and more deserving of genuine laughter, than I was expecting.

TLDR: classic film is still good.


Definitely struggled the first few times the main theme played though, since I couldn’t get this out of my head


Call Me By Your Name - excellent, two great lead performances and Stuhlbarg’s monologue at the end was really touching.


Finally saw Train To Busan last night, which was great fun, even if I did spend half the film exasperated at how no one seemed able to shut a door behind them.

Couple of things:

The vestibule quarantine ‘punishment’ bit was so stupid. Also the daughter’s screaming at the end might actually be the most horrific thing I’ve seen in a horror film - really upsetting


Saw this yesterday, it is utterly wonderful. That last third is just devastating, and Italy looks SO beautiful. Definitely seeing it again.


Considering seeing the 70mm version of Lawrence of Arabia that’s out at the moment. Is it really worth spending 4 hours of my life on this film?

  • Of course, it’s a classic
  • No you maniac, go outside (or watch two regular films)

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i watched THE NIGHT BEFORE which found quite enjoyable really and HARDCORE which was also good. George C Scott is great


Thor: Ragnarok - decent, pretty funny in places, wish there’d been more of the rock guy Taika Waititi voices. I preferred the other two Marvel films this year though, there’s nothing in this quite as funny as the Mary Poppins line in Guardians 2 and no moment as impressive as the twist in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


God the twist in spider man was so good