The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



They’ve had a strong year haven’t they. I like the lighter comedic direction - which I guess is lulling us into, hopefully, a very dark and emotional Infinity Wars.


keep hearing this is good, will need to check it out


Yeah, I guess that and Black Panther will be on the darker side of things with the Ant-Man sequel being the more light-hearted one


Watched it tonight (Germany)*

It’s pretty, pretty good, though some ideas are better executed than others. As an overall piece though it works, and one or two scenes are pretty spectacular. Can see why the Cannes lot were into it tho.

*The film is mostly in Swedish and a little bit of Danish, meaning I got German subtitles. Although for the most part this was fine, the TV had to explain a few things towards the end when it gets a bit more complex/dialogue heavy. I’d like to see it again with English subs just to see what I missed.

In general though, enjoyed it a lot


If you haven’t seen it, Lola Rennt might be worth looking up and watching in German (with or without subtitles). I remember picking up most of it reasonably well with GCSE level German. Obviously missed some nuances and plot points, but not too many.


Yeah it’s on the list!


Also, Herr Lehmann:

Maybe tomorrow given it’s a national holiday for reformation day’s 500th


Some more love for Call Me By Your Name here. Really, really moving, tense, sensual film. Loved its languid pacing - really attuned to that specific border between boredom and leisure time which you can get on long holidays - but the film is never slow or boring itself. Every glance, touch, and shot was supercharged with meaning and potential. And that final shot was just genius. One of the great films about how we communicate - touch, language (or, lack of), looking.


Quite lukewarm to Call Me By Your Name. Looks great, performances outstanding (especially Timothee Chalamet) but I didn’t find the story particularly compelling.


One of my fav films I think, so compelling.


Innit! They sit on it for so long


IS she the same lass from 5th Element? I always remember mixing those two up when I was a wee guy


No, The Fifth Element is Milla Jovovich, Run Lola Run is Franka Potente


Hang on. Is this a film of Berlin Blues?




Got ya, they have a similar look though right?


Get Out - sorry to be that guy but i didnt really like this. Sorry everyone.

Under the shadow - decent Iranian horror film with a couple of genuinely quite terrifying moments.


quelle suprise!


Ooh The Work is on iPlayer now, its great


dreadfully sorry about this, guys!