The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Creep (2014) - sort of awful but also brilliant? Can’t decide. Feel like the last 5 minutes were very unnecessary and spoilt it quite a lot


watched Farewell, My Lovely (1975) which was great. Robert Mitchum was great




maybe, eric, you are the one who should

Get Out


Finally, for the first time since The Wolf of Wall Street Margot Robbie is in a film that I actually want to see


the silence of the lambs is back… in cinema form!

woop woop


booked for saturday woooooop


Got a ticket for the friday night, with the Jodie Foster Q&A hththththththththth


BFI only type deal?


seems to be getting a wider rerelease as far as i can tell



Nice one


Seeing it at the end of the month. Cannot wait to see it on a big* screen.

*The modestly sized screen one at the Watershed.


i think i did see it in the cinema one time but hoping this new restoration is nice :nerd_face:


Getting to see Perfect Blue on the big screen was fantastic, such a good film. My friend fell asleep because she forgot her glasses and couldn’t see what was going on. :joy:


Prefer it in pog form


They’ve just released a batch of returned tickets for this showing, btw.


Just watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople for the third time.

10/10 from me, clive #skuxlife


Not a bad cast for this cash-grab


is that for real?!