The 2017 Film DiScussion Thread



Love this film, and have never seen it in the cinema (was too young when the original release came out)

BUT I have watched it a couple of times recently

I’m torn



new restoration though! it might look slightly better than ever before!


Hey Eric! Restore This! *Grabs crotch *


I’ve checked and it doesn’t seem to be showing in Brighton - so this discussion is now moot Eric


shut up, ant


Only Ian Mcshane and Ron Pearlman look like they have their own bodies on that poster


the london showings start tomorrow, presume it’ll make its way to the boglands eventually?


hmm no you’re right, no brighton showing!


Squid and the Whale, found it quite good actually


Just seen That Call Me By Your Name is more than 2 hours long. As someone who finds most long films a little trying, will I still enjoy it?


Yeah Squid and the Whale’s pretty good all in, if incredibly heavy-handed.

I have absolutely hated, HATED, every film Baumbach has done since. Except Greenberg which was just remarkably boring.


Had a bit of a soft spot for While We’re Young. Mostly because I enjoy Ben Stiller acting exasperated.


Yeah good point, he’s good at that.


Er…maybe? It’s only a little over two hours, it’s not Blade Runner 2049 runtime or anything


oh it knows what it’s doing but I enjoyed it really

Only other seen While We’re Still Young and Frances Ha and tbh I thought they were both decent too


Sometimes I’m not so sure if everyone gets just how proper great Michael Dougkas is.


Didn’t enjoy that one, found it pretty smug and found the implicit message really irritating. Absolutely loved Frances Ha though. And Squid and the Whale was great too. He’s pretty hit and miss isn’t he.


Baumbach and Wes Anderson are the Urban Outfitters and American Apparel of cinema.

Call Me By Your Name is the only film that has piqued my curiosity recently, but I haven’t made it to the cinema to see it yet.


Totally forgot he did Frances Ha. That was great.